Airbnb ad shows my listing with an extremely high price!

I don’t know what to do! My price is not very high at all. I live in a tourist location (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico). I have even lowered the prices because I have not been getting any reservations for 2 weeks, especially IB.
Then yesterday I was looking through FB and an Airbnb ad pops up with my place on it. However, the price was showing at $1,368.00 USD!! (But the other listings were at normal prices) No wonder I wasn’t getting bookings, guests are probably scared to even click on it.

Has this ever happened to you? And how can this be fixed?

Searching from here in the US your place is listed as $39 and up. $56 plus cleaning fee for a night in Dec.

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Perhaps Air “meant” pesos?


If it is incorrect call Airbnb and ask them to correct it.


I don’t think the problem is in the actual app, but in the ads on certain sites. Then when Airbnb click on the add it directs me to the app and it has the correct price. Hopefully it was a glitch and fixes itself.

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I thought this too. Maybe it glitched and didn’t translate the monetary value correctly. I’m crossing my fingers that this is it.

I had a similar issue, the price shown in the emails from Airbnb advertising my place (which I assume I get because I regularly check competition in my area so they probably think I’m looking for a place there?) were nowhere close to my nightly price, easily double of it, although not in the proportions of your example. Emailed air several times, with screen shots, talked to several reps who basically kept telling me about smart pricing (I don’t have it) and then I got extremely random messages from a rep who probably wasn’t so good at multitasking :slight_smile: and was sending me screenshots of someone else’s listing and bookings. I just gave up, it was becoming ridiculous. But you may have a better chance with air, try to call them! Good luck!