AirBnB 3rd quarter revenues exceed $1 billion

Over $1 billion in revenues, all generated by folks like you and me!


Time they stopped hammering our prices then. Time they stopped taking our money for guest refunds.


Well actually all generated by being a leading global disruptive innovator who understand their target market.


Just a contemporary entrepreneur with a good idea. Hardly a revolutionary.

Makes their so called million dollar “ insurance “ look cheap!


I disagree. It has been completely revolutionary, millions of hosts have made huge amounts of money, some giving up full time work, some able to buy multiple properties, guests and hosts have forged friendships and guests have been able to discover a completely different aspect of the area they are staying in.

At the same time it has had a huge impact on communities, pushing up house prices, making it harder for those on lower incomes to find rented accommodation, changing the fabric of local areas.

Let’s not underestimate the impact of this globally renowned brand.


Apparently some people don’t know the difference between revenue and profit. It really doesn’t matter how much revenue they have when it comes to fees, payouts, insurance, etc. And with hosts calling customer service for every little thing and calling repeatedly if they don’t get the answer they want the first time airbnb’s labor costs must be high.


You are right. But growth driven tech start ups like Airbnb need to fatten up revenue, users, listings before maximizing profits.

Kinda like bodybuilding. You gain max muscles by consuming 5000 calories per day then cut fats through diet before competition to win.