Air setting that I haven't used

Has anyone ever used info from this setting before? If so, how, and where did you find it?

No, I chose not to use them. I’m not interested in the details from other hosts, it is not relevant to me. And my business is none of their business (most of the hosts in my area are not running legal listings so I keep my distance). But I imagine it may be helpful for some hosts, just wasn’t for me.

I found it when it was new, must’ve been 2019 because it was pre-covid (2019 is now both AD and PC, lol). They sent out an email about it when they initiated it.

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I came here to say that!



I’ve read some posts from hosts who did check that option, and said it seems to be non-functional. They never received any “sharing”.


Thanks, I don’t recall getting any either based on the default setting that shows. Was going to change it to “none” but wanted to be sure I understood whether I was missing something or possibly negatively affecting my listing. Just didn’t have any real knowledge on it.

Yeah, I selected the first one ‘Listing and booking details’ and never heard anything.

That might be because to get the information both I and the other hosts would have to select it, and almost no one does.