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Air redacting guest info after they check out?

So my guest who just left has contacted me and asked if I know of any rooms to rent in my town as she came for a job interview and got the job. She now needs somewhere to stay for I am assuming several months and wants a room or flat. Unfortunately we used the Air messaging system the whole time to I never got her number and I guess she never got mine. My friend has a room, not on Air just a lodger room, but I don’t want to deal with this thru Air?? Is there any way I can find her phone number now?

Should be in the email confirmation on your computer

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Go to Transaction History and click on Completed Transactions. If you click the confirmed reservation number, the phone number is to right under the guest’s photo.


I love you guys :cry:

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It should still be possible to use the Air messaging system - it doesn’t automatically stop working when your guest leaves. I’m not sure if and when it does stop working.

For example, go to Inbox and look for your guest. Or go to your calendar, select your guest, and click on message history, that would take you to the same place.

I’m not sure either but I just had guests contact me about a further booking in an old message thread from when they first stayed here about six months ago. So they remain functional for at least that amount of time.

Interesting. Why didn’t they contact you directly via your email address? In any case, it’s clearly best to get complete guest information at time of arrival, including email address. Thus one does not have to depend on Airbnb.

They are also hosts so probably prefer to do everything via the platform :slight_smile:

@faheem. Just FYI, OP wasn’t asking how to contact a past guest, but how to contact them about an off-AirBnB booking. Yes the message thread remains active indefinitely after a guest leaves, but it still censors links/email addresses.

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