Air Plus Review Update: Too Funny

I put our two listings into the Air Plus pot when asked some months ago. Both listings are in our home, i.e. the same house. One listing got nul points a few weeks later, the other was “under review”. Today I got the review through.

To be fair Air did say that it’s difficult to judge from photos alone (although they sent a freebie photographer when we first listed with them; not our shots) but have stated that we need to change the headboard on the bed to match the design of the room…

The headboard is part of the bed frame. The bed frame is an old pine one, chalk painted by hand (mine) in Swedish Blue, as are the old pine bedside tables, next to… the bed. Guests admire them; they ask about the chalk paint finish. The colour matches my collection of wooden parrots as well as the parrot laden duvet cover. The colour is picked out in parrot laden cushions and ribbon ties on tab top curtains. If I had a quid for every time I’ve been asked by guests if I’m an interior designer, I’d have a few more than I have now.

Mr Joan thinks they have to pick on something. At least it wasn’t the parrots that have to go. We thought about replacing the bed until late last year, and realising that our taller guests are grateful for a bed without a foot board.

Simply too funny.


Yikes! Maybe the Air Plus Decor Inspector is colorblind?? lol

This is definitely too funny!

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Re-submit! The Inspector is a dolt!


Joan, your room sounds lovely and I imagine that you’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that it is just right for your guests. Tell us more about the inspector! Was this done just from photographs or did someone come to see your listing in ‘real life’?

Whoops, my fault for not being clearer. The Inspector hasn’t called yet; this was done from listing photos, and I have to submit more photos of my “style upgrade” before The Inspector Calls. We found another requirement last night (hadn’t scrolled down perfectly…), to fluff the pillows up or put more on the bed, where there are four already. This is the reason they can’t see the headboard in the first place!! Love it.

The Inspector will Call after we right our wrongs, when I’ll take the opportunity to make sure he sees the other listing.

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Sounds like the inspector needs to go to Specsavers.
The room sounds really uplifting. I thoroughly agree that chalk paint works miracles. I bought a tin of the Laura Ashley furniture paint in pale French grey in their sale. I added pretty patterned grey ceramic knobs, nicely sanded tops and some candle wax to make the drawers run! That transformed some 1970s pine furniture fit for student digs into desirable furniture. I don’t think the guests could guess how little the furniture cost.