Air pays taxes as a total per the county? or per property?

Airbnb collects lodging tax for the county where our properties reside. Our owners are required to file the gross rental amount to the county; but marked as paid (by Air).

Question, does Air remit the tax to the county as a bulk amount (for all the rentals at all of the properties in the county) or do they submit individual amounts per property?

If they do it per individual property, I’d like to be able to make sure they remitted the correct amount and our owners are not held responsible after the fact.

anyone with any experience/knowledge?

Sounds like Airbnb is your best bet here for a knowledgeable response.

Here in Florida, Air pays a lump sum to the county and other entities, not an amount for each individual property.

I think they pay a lump sum and you have to file and exempt.