Air let guests double book-?

So, our area was affected by Hurricane Florence. After the storm and we were able to reopen for guests, we got a booking from a guest who had booked another place that was then damaged from the storm. We understood their other reservation had been cancelled. They are supposed to check in today for 9 nights and a $1400+ stay, and I just got a message from them that Air is telling them that their prior reservation was never cancelled and they are to stay there. Their message says Air should be contacting me about it, I came here before I responded or called Air. Sounds like Air screwed up, as a guest should never be allowed to have 2 places booked at the same time.
HELP! What to do?!?

Insist to air that you be paid in full. They screwed up. You deserve the money.

Talked to Air and they read through the history of conversations with the guest and the previously booked host. Air had been sending messages to guests to verify the status of the homes/availability after the storm. The guest had inquired with the previous host, who replied that they were all clear and open for guests. (NO storm damage). Guest replied back “Nevermind, we found something else” on the same day he booked with us, but never cancelled the previous reservation…

Still, how does Air let a guest book 2 places at the same time when their policy is that the registered guest must be staying on premises?

Air is now reaching out to him. I just stated to Air that at this short notice, less than 3 hours before check-in, we can’t rebook these dates. Moderate cancellation policy is in place.

Strangely I have just had a guest book both our rentals at the same time. He booked for one (let’s call it A) some weeks ago. Then today he realised that he had meant to book the other (B).

So he has now booked B but hasn’t cancelled A. I’ve messaged him telling him to be sure to do so but it does show that yes, a guest can have two bookings for the same dates.

I had a guest book both of my units at the same time. One was for his children, wife & him. The other was for his parents.

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Have had all 4 booked by one person for his extended family attending a funeral.

Guest cancelled. Partial payout issued. Air rep asked about refunding additional funds, and I said nope, 3 hours before check-in? I may consider some partial refund if I can rebook some of the dates, but now I have none. I could have booked this time a week ago, but last minute? Not likely.

There was a time when airbnb allowed a guest to book two+ units for the same dates.
Then, airbnb restricted it (couple of years ago - only lasted about 3 months).
And now currently, guests can book multiple units for the same dates.
I have more than one unit, all nearby, and often the person designated as the “planner” wants to book two or three of them. This one “planner” person wants to book for the entire group. I don’t mind this, as this is what the “planner” want to do.

Meanwhile, we have rebooked 7 of the 9 nights, so we issued back all but the fees we missed out on. Generous we think, and gives us time to go for a night and check on the place with as much turnover as we have had lately and re-evaluate post-storm clean up.

On the other part, booking 2 places at once- there is a distinct difference between a large group booking multiple units in the same place with the same host, versus completely separate units located blocks apart with different owners. Apples and oranges comparison there folks… I could see the planner scenario, but these guests had no intention of booking more than 1 unit.


I think people just meant to say that there are legit reasons for people to double book so Airbnb isn’t going to prevent it.

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