Air is blocking available days

We have our calendar settings set for same-day bookings up until 10:00 p.m. PST. However, since this past Sunday (11/27), at some point in the afternoon I noticed that the day was blocked on the calendar. I just noticed this happening again today–without any action on my part–and called Air.

The person I spoke to had no answer and said he would monitor the issue and get back to me.

Is anyone else having this issue? If you have similar settings, you may want to check your calendar.

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I believe it’s because there is a guest in the process of enquiring or booking. This has happened to me before. I can’t remember if I was on my phone app or this site, but it was somehow revealed to me that a booking was in progress.

Interesting, @J_Wang. I have seen a calendar blocked while authorization was pending and there was text on my calendar to that effect. This seems to be different where the blocking doesn’t go away automatically. I wish I knew to note what time it was happening and whether it was the same time each day. Perhaps there’s a time zone problem and Air thinks it’s 10:00 p.m. and so is blocking my calendar.

I have had random days appear as being blocked and wondered why. I thought maybe I’d “butt dialed” the phone app. It seemed to be dates for the upcoming month.

There is a time zone problem since about a week ago, I reported it to ABB (who have done nothing!) and your issue might be related. I detailed it on another thread but essentially, I as a guest, am booked in to stay somewhere in Australia (where I live and host and all my settings on ABB are correct zone) and its telling me I am checking on at 12am 13 April (midnight on 12th) and checking out at 8pm the same night on 13th - clearly NOT! My booking is for the (the usual time, who would know as I cannot see!) on the 12th. Most annoying and I raised concerns with them my guests would not be getting correct info for my listing and they don’t seem to care.

Sorry to hear that @Emily. FYI, I just checked my calendar today and it’s not blocked.

I noticed this several times. So right now I have someone staying at my place. She booked to stay the night and her check out time today is noon. But I have looked at my calendar and its blocked out. I can’t figure out how to post a photo. I took a screen shot but it says "your same-day request setting makes this unavailable "

So I’ll have to relook at this and make some changes. Anyone one else have thought. I also think because check out is at noon and check in is two hours later for 2pm.

That shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure you have selected “no preparation time…”

Sorry Seattle, silly question, what’s does no preparation time mean? I know I still have two hours to clean is this just kind of an override ?

In the app, it’s under Calendar Settings. You can call it an override (if blocking a day between bookings is the default). We prefer to manually block the dates on the days when we know we can’t do the turnover same day.

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