Air general questions.superhosts review,sheets/cleaning fee,uninvited guests

1)I find weird why superhost status doesn’t appear when a superhost makes a review for his guests.
Could this have brought a some kind of “discrimination” between superhost status and a simple host?
I think it’s a plus for a guest to have among reviews some taken from superhosts that appear in there profil (right now the only way to find out if a review is from superhost is by clicking every time the hosts profil that did it.)

2)One of my flats rules is “not to bring uninvited guests”… it is the less respected as many guests tend to bring friends even among them with check in…makes me feel uncomfortable and disrespected, most of the times I just let it go but I’m always open to know what you guys do in such situations, what should I tell them/behave? I would appreciate if you share your experiences.

3)If a guest has booked for more than 5 days do you charge extra cleaning fees for sheets,blankets etc?
Do you add that in the description or you just let them know with check in?

4)What do you do if a guest doesn’t let a review for you? Do you send him an email or just let it go?

Thank you very much

I have left exactly one review for a stay and my superhost status is indicated in my profile picture on the review page. I have no idea what you mean by discrimination. I do think, that, if I lost that status, my review would no longer have the badge since it is a dynamic rating.

No. I do not charge more for longer stays or charge for a change of linens.

Generally, I let it go. I am not going to pressure someone to write something. Pressured people usually don’t write nice things, or sound like they have a large spirit.

Thank you for your answer.
By visiting my guests profil superhost status in my review doesn’t show.

And mine do!

Is it possible that Gheorghos lost superhost status this week? This was our evaluation week after all.

No I didn’t,my superhost status was confirmed but the reviews I made to my guests never had superhost status shown, same for every superhost I know that made for guests reviews…odd

Then, this is baffling. We have two people, same status, with different icons/badges. Makes no sense to me. Aha! I see what you are saying. On the guests profile, when you go down the list of reviews, the badge is missing.

Does seem like a bug or oversight.

So, in conclusion, when you write a review for a place where you have stayed, the badge is there. When you leave a review for guests who stayed in your house, the badge is missing.

Exactly!I don’t know why they do that but I don’t get it, status is shown if a superhost answers a review in his profile though! :joy:

  1. I’d never thought about it! Are you thinking that guests will value a review from a superhost more than a regular guest? So will be more inclined to book with a superhost? I know that there are plenty of excellent hosts here who aren’t superhosts and even those of who are don’t put much value on it.

  2. Do you make it clear in your listing and in the house manual? I mention it during the house tour, too. Please don’t let guests get away with it. If you do, you are ‘training’ them to be bad guests for future hosts. Do you think it would make a difference if you said that one visitor is allowed but only for one hour and only during the daytime? Giving them strict parameters might help.

  3. No we do not. And I don’t think that it’s fair to do so. I offer a change of everything weekly for longer stays. This benefits me because if a towel or sheet has a stain, I’d rather treat it and deal with it.

  4. Let it go. Guests get emails from Airbnb anyway. If they don’t want to review then hassling them is unlikely to help. The chances are that they didn’t leave a review for a reason. Sometimes it’s simply because they’ve got back to their normal lives and are busy, but no review is a good reason to take a moment and ask yourself why.

Hi Jaquo, most of the guests that didn’t let a review (they were 4) contacted me after 15days to communicate me that they didn’t have knowledge of Air time limit (still I know Air communicates via mail when the 15days are about to end…)
So maybe it’s not about hassling , maybe it’s another reminder , but ofc you never know what’s inside guests mind.

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So very true - I think we hosts could make a lot more money if we did!


You might want to change the wording from “uninvited guests” to “unauthorised guests” as the former could be ambiguous … after all, if your guests invited them, then they are invited - just not by you! Personally, we are happy to let our guests have friends to visit - it doesn’t happen often as almost all our guests are international, but sometimes they may have friends who are vacationiing in the area. They have always asked beforehand, as we do when we are Air guests in Cape Town where our son lives - all our hosts have been great about this and often offer help with extra cooking pots etc

Bed linen: I think you’ve probably gathered the consensus here - don’t charge extra, factor a possible linen change into your costs.

Asking for a review: I think it depends, and I have sometimes done it … if you have loads of good reviews and usually short-stay guests, then it matters less to you if some don’t review. We have generally longer term (over a week) and are only open high season, so we need those (good!) reviews! If I think we’ve developed a good relationship with the guest and it’s just that they haven’t got round to reviewing, I’ll send them a note after about a week saying how much we enjoyed their visit, hope they had a good journey home, and, oh, just incidentally, it would be great if they could find a few minutes to review us … it’s a bit of a risky gambit, but has worked well for us!

Thank you so much , I will follow your advice.

  1. I think Airbnb tries different actions in different markets to gather data on the results or just to see how something new will fly. Our Superhost badge shows up.
  2. We state several times that only registered guests are to be on the property or in the lodging. This is an insurance limitation. We have had a guest ask for additional guests- family visiting for a birthday party. Our insurance agent suggested that the guest sign a liability waiver. They ended up not visiting. Our location is rural and somewhat remote. People come for solitude, privacy and mountains. Amenities include a salt water swimming pool so we really don’t want someone to host a birthday party unless they rent all of the lodgings.
  3. We provide clean sheets and towels on day 3/4 of a week stay. No extra chaarge. That way we can keep a high level of cleanliness and as someone else stated take care of any potential stains/damage.
  4. Agree with jaquo- Let it go-

#4: I had a 1.5 week guest from Hawaii for her DD’s destination wedding. I accepted all sorts of packages for them; did extra stuff; and so on. I got a nice note and a bottle of nice wine. But she never submitted a review even tho she raved about the place and told me that others were going to want to stay someday. I was sad that she never reviewed this home.

I’ve had two guests tell me something along the lines of “If I give a great review it’s going to help your place get booked and it won’t be available when I want to come back.” They were joking and did leave great reviews but maybe she actually thinks she should keep your place as her “secret.” LOL.

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