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Can I check the box that says a/c as an amenity if it’s in the bedroom only? We host in a part of the country where a/c is not often needed. However, our unit faces west with floor to ceiling windows. It’s an older building (1959) and only one of those windows opens, along with the window in the bedroom. Therefore, it can heat up in there on a warm, sunny day. We just added a portable a/c unit to the bedroom to ensure guests aren’t too hot to sleep on those nights that don’t cool down. The sofa folds out to a twin sized bed, so we often have guests sleeping in the living room, which won’t have a/c. Should I just point out in the listing description that the a/c is only in the br? Maybe a photo of the air conditioning unit with the caption “in br only”? I want to be able to appear when guests search with a/c checked, but don’t want them to be misled either.

I would not. Better to under promise and over deliver. In listing say, air conditioner in bedroom when describing the bedroom. When you say “only” you sound apologetic!


Be clear in your listing and in the photos.

I have the same issue. I have air conditioning in the bedrooms only, and our place is an open-air villa in the Caribbean (no glass on the windows, only heavy louvered shutters, and the interior walls do not go to the ceiling). I’ve checked the air-conditioning box, but clearly state in my listing that there is air conditioning in the bedrooms only, and that it is NOT as efficient as air conditioning in sealed homes and just blows cool air on the beds to help in sleeping. Only one person said anything about it (in private communication) and that was before I added the description that it would not cool the room like they are used to in American homes (98% of our guests are Americans).

I like the idea of putting a caption on the picture. Be ready for one review that says something about it, and maybe even get marked down once, but use that to communicate to future guests that they will sleep better at your place than the place without any A/C (remember, people don’t read listings, only reviews!)

I thought about that, but I don’t want to eliminate those that just assume they need a/c in the summer and search with that filter. I do like to deliver more and get a great review though. Hmm…decisions decisions.

So are you in the csmp of not checking the box, or checking it and being really clear?

Yes I think I’ll try that. If someone mentions it then maybe guests of more than 2 people will think about booking, but that’s okay because I don’t want unhappy guests.

I do like your point about sounding apologetic, so I’ll try to word it as a positive while still conveying my point.

I’d never expect air-conditioning in the living room - I think it’s quite unusual in Europe … guests should be out and about during the day anyway!

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Just my 2 cents. I don’t think saying “only” sounds aploogetic. I suppose, if worded in some ways, it could, but for the most part, that word is fine.

“We only have A/C in the bedroom.”, could some maybe the tiniest bit apologetic.

“A/C is in the bedroom only”., just sounds definitive, clear and factual.

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Regular check ups are necessary for the efficiency of your air conditioning system. You can set up maintenance routine by air conditioning tune up NJ professionals. They will check the drain pan, ensure that refrigerant levels are adequate and examine other components.

Have you considered buying a 2nd portable unit and storing in closet? Could install during heat waves in living room. I would expect whole unit A/C. If the box is checked.