Air bnb unprincipled and lacking competence in some respects

i find the policies of airbnb are often very unfair and they implement they operate unprofessionally
dont return calls, dont send detailed resolutions to host, withold information submitted by tenant that forms the basis of cancellation. i have had to spend hours on the phone reasoning with them
one guest who cancelled a 30 day stay promised to give me a 50 euro refund.
he didnt
i asked air bnb to follow this up twice as he made this promise via the app, they havent gotten back to me. in some respects they are a shambolic organisation even prior to the coronavirus problem
they contradict each other and when you complain on facebook, they delete and move it to private in order to save embarassment but they pretend they are super concerned about your privacy even though you posted publically
i have had the phone put down on me.
things that were supposed to be followed up have not been
i was promised that pending submission of certain documentation that i would be eligible for compensation. then the next case manager said they are not honouring what the previous one said

How is collecting this airbnb’s responsibility?

That must be frustrating. We are all going through tough times right now, hosts and guests alike. I imagine Airbnb is overwhelmed right now also.


Global pandemic.

Dozens of people on an international forum.

Meanwhile, all you have to kvetch about is 50 euros.

Count your blessings.


50 euros that Air is not responsible for collecting, at that! ALL Airbnb is, is your marketing department, your money manager (nights paid in, money disbursed to you from that). They are not responsible for following up on “deals” you personally made with a guest, or anything else. Advertise, take a cut and give your yours. That’s it.

They are quite incapable I’ve noticed. They are trying to mediate between me and a customer and they are ineffective. My guest contacted them, it took them a good 24-48 hours for them to reach out to me, then I responded and it took them another 24-48 to respond back. Then I responded again, another 24 hours passed. You could do this forever and never find a solution. it’s ridiculous.

While they were doing all this back and forth, with no one understanding the other party because it’s over message, my guest contacted me, we came to a resolution and moved forward.

Then this morning, they contacted me again asking what I was going to do for my guest. It’s totally disjointed. If I were a guest in this situation, I would not be happy. I have been a guest but I’ve never had to deal with them. I’ve been lucky I guess.

Airbnb’s customer service isn’t great (and is often terrible) even at “normal” times. It’s worth keeping in mind that Air is currently overwhelmed with phone calls about cancelling reservations due to Covid-19. This is a circumstance they don’t know how to handle and don’t have the staff to handle.

It’s reasonable to think that their usual D+ or C- level of service would probably deteriorate in this circumstance.


nonsense. this was before there were any restrictions on this person travelling. they also made up a spurious reason that they didnt know how it was going to play out. he was due to leave to my country a low risk country so far immediately
it was an air bnb imrprovised rule not a government or aircraft or city mandated one that cost me a 30 day stay which was difficult to refill.
i dont need a reminder of yiddish terminology thank you
the guest offered to recompense me 50 euro. 2 nights stay for cancelling 30 days when he essentially didnt have grounds to but he managed to convince airbnb that. please take yr insensitivity elsewhere. in my country 50 euros is a lot of money for me, so less arrogance as well please

yeah even before corona was anywhere nearly as bad as it is now, their service was appalling
not returning calls
not following up on issues that they promised to get back to me about
low level customer service making snap decisions that caused terrible hardship

excuse me sir
when guests violate their contract and leave or cancel bookings and are not entitled to any refund and this is communicated to them by me and airbnb, airbnb still phone me up on the request of the tenant to ask for some of the money back.

hi hostess one. you correctly allude to the fact that one has to factor in the time, the disruption and the stress when working out how worthwhile the income is.
early adopters of airbnb made much better money, but with people wanting to supplement their income etc, the numbers of properties available in my city has soared but owing to crime, the tourists have dropped in number and in affluence; utilities have soared, and earnings have plummeted commensurately

its also a deal that the guest offered which would serve as a precondition for his cancellation

It sounds like you’re talking about my area. People want everything for nothing. Want to stick the # of people who would require 3 hotel rooms in a tiny space and split the costs. It’s not right… Even when they get that fantastic deal that would never be matched by a hotel, they still manage to take more by running every utility constantly and breaking all the rules, sneaking more people sometimes children in, and then when it doesn’t work out for them they want 100% returned.

We take a lot of risk in letting people use our homes too. People seem to ignore that.

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count my blessings for what.
you dont even know me or my circumstances

yes hostess one. when it doesnt work out for them
like wanting to cancel part of their trip in advance and my cancellation policy not allowing this
and after even airbnb phoning me up to harass me on their behalf, -they are not doing this for altruistic reasons, there will be a partial payment and therefore a triple comission for airbnb
one from me one from the guest and one from paypal

the time involved, the disruption to ones schedule and the stress, all need to be factored into how profitable the experience is

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Yes, they do that. And hosts just say no, I want to uphold my cancellation policy.

yes but the problem is that the rule is clear and airbnb have declined refund
i have also declined refund legitimately, but then they still get airbnb to phone me up again to ask if i wont give a partial refund
even though there are no grounds,
this is not altruism by airbnb. if i get fully refunded they lose their comission

That does not mean they are forcing you to do anything. They are trying to make you feel guilty.