Air BNB professional photos- Can I use elsewhere?

Am I allowed to use the photos the Air BNB takes on my professional website?

Not without express, written permission of the photographer. Photos, like the written word, are subject to copyright protection almost everywhere in the world. As a writer/photographer myself, I am particularly sensitive to these issues of intellectual property rights.



Airbnb own the copyright on the photography, so it’s only for use on their site.

If you want your own professional photography, you can hire a freelance specialising in interiors and get them to provide you with a set.

It is a tax deductible expense that you can offset against running your Airbnb business.

@KenH - the photography is not owned by the photographer in this case, it’s own by Airbnb who pay for it.

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OK, that’s why I asked. Thanks for your replies!

Airbnb say they own copyright…but they do not actually pay photographers enough to own it …the photographer would win in a court of law

Sorry @sarann. That’s not correct.

If a photographer assigns copyright to Airbnb, then Airbnb owns it.

It’s irrelevant how much they pay for a photographers’ services.

The Copyright always stays with the photographer…Airbnb pay for a license. If Airbnb were paying for copyright it would work out to be around £500-£800 As it is Airbnb only charge around £80

Why don’t you pop off, read up on both copyright and contract law, then come back and admit you’re wrong.



It took you three years to come back on here and still not get it @sarann :blush::grin::smiley:

Look up assigned copyright @sarann and as @JohnF said contract law.

Any photographer, writer, designer, etc can agree to assign copyright to the company commissioning their services.

They can but not at that price…it is made quite clear by me that they are not to be used outside Airbnb and Airbnb state this in their contracts that photographs can only be used for personal use! They have a copyright useage

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Seems pretty solid that the “pro photo services” are gigs by freelance photographers with ALL RIGHTS assigned to Airbnb.