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Hi, I only recently started hosting Air Bnb. Decided to “DEEP CLEAN” my property because I had a 2 week booking coming up. Called multiple times to ensure bedding would be laundered and beds made by the company. The guest arrives that night, beds unmade and dirty. Leaves and books into a hotel. I immediately gave a full refund through the resolution center. Over $900 out of pocket. Merry Maids cleaning company “cant” refund their fee, even though they do other Air Bnb and didn’t even contact me to say they hadn’t done the beds and what should they do? Air Bnb did refund me over $700 (Guest’s fee less taxes). Air Bnb now contact me to say they couldn’t cancel the booking and therefore they would likely refund the guest again and I would be the one paying that. Just about at breaking point with Air Bnb and all the associated cleaning, guest complaints etc

Unless you think the guests were lying, I don’t see what this has to do with Airbnb. If the guests arrived to a place that wasn’t ready for them, of course Airbnb will refund them.

If your manager and the cleaners fell down on the job, that’s between you and those you pay to prepare the space and check that it has been done properly and in time.


I think that your mistake was to refund them out of pocket. You should have waited for the payout and then sent them a refund through the platform.

Perhaps your only choice now is to contact guests and explained that Airbnb has also refunded them and ask for them to send back to you your initial refund.

Hopefully they’re honest folks and will do the right thing.

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Thanks Ritz, good suggestion

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I did a resolution refund once - too quickly, and then the guest requested a refund and got another refund from Air. I had to escalate it and point out to Air on the phone what happened, and it did get worked out. Hopefully you will not lose double the payout.

My family rented a place once that clearly was not cleaned or turned over, we could have gotten a refund but my Mom chose to just deal with it, as we needed to stay there.

Thanks Gypsy. Yes I was thinking of trying a phone call

yes. only do proper refunds.
yes. any problems after guest arrives, call airbnb and get it sorted out, takes time, but they are their to make it all right.
yes. fire your housekeepers and leave an honest review on their google business. If they choose to ‘make it right’ and pay your losses or give you same amount of free cleaning, then modify the review or delete it whatever you think is fair.