Air bnb IPO coming soon

Anyone else following the upcoming IPO for air bnb? The board of directors just voted for a 2 for 1 split for private held shares. This will reduce whatever the opening price will be. As of the end of Sept. the shares valued at $34.88 /share.


Oh bugger, my heart is bleeding for all those poor folks who won’t make as much money as they thought.

((((( insert crocodile tears emoji )))))



The way IPO’s have been going this year it could open higher or lower than the anticipated price. It is scheduled to open before the 1st. of the year. I plan to purchase a few shares but will see what happens when it opens.

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Fill yer boots as we say in the UK.


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They make make more after the stock split. If valued at $36/share that’s $3,600 for a block of 100 shares. Split to $18 share / $1800 per block. More people can afford $1,800 to purchase (and potentially put at risk) and 2x as many shares are available. Also means more hosts can afford to buy-in.

IPOs are always uncertain. Who knows if they will earn or lose? TBD

I would risk $1,800 on Airbnb stock.


The split adjusted price is $36/share- it was a $69 and change.

Ok my math is off the concept is there. $3,600 for a block of shares instead of $6,900.

Did I miss something? Is air actually letting hosts in on the initial IPO?, since you know we are “partners”

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Unfortunately the stock split was for private investors- and there is no early buy in for us as partners. At least the buy in price will be lower than originally projected.

We are not partners, we are disposable assets



Early in the IPO press perhaps 2 years ago, Chesney mentioned that when the IPO occurred they would like to offer it to hosts.

Also anyone can participate in the public offering.

Well yes, but at market price which will shoot up within seconds of the opening.

Well they could just do it, if they wanted to that is. I am skeptical.


I think anyone can participate

So as far as we can tell there’s no special deal for hosts ?

The “special deal” is open only to the hosts in the United States. A unknown quantity of shares were set aside for hosts to purchase prior to the IPO going public.
For those who participate we would be able to purchase shares before the opening bell on wall street. The shares could go up or down from whatever they determine our buy in price to be.
It will be interesting to see what their offer is.

I’m not sure there was a special deal included.

Have not seen their offering yet. It will be interesting. A couple of the wall street pundits are not thrilled with abnb. They have borrowed billions of dollars from private investors. Some I am certain will sell the day the IPO opens. Did not know about the Jeff Bezos investment in them. Now I understand the parallel between the two. They probably used the same attorneys or at least borrowed Amazon’s workbook.

Chesky is speechless himself

The real question is how did they generate a $4billion dollar loss. Now that the company is public it will be interesting to see what happens next.

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