Air BNB Formula London

Hi guys,I am interested to get involved with the Air bnb Formula via Brian Page, in London.
Wanted to find out if anyone has found this viable in London.Many thanks

What do you mean by getting involved?

How is Brian Page connected with Airbnb’s sponsorship of the race?

Hmmm… dunno - any scheme that requires you to pay lots of money upfront makes me a bit nervous. Yes, I know that’s how business works but with this, as far as I can tell, you’re just paying for training.

Hi @Geddy3

Do you know what @ByBanksy is talking about.

I don’t understand the connection between Airbnb’s corporate sponsorship of Formula 1 and Brian Page a guy who charges people to go on his training.

Do you?

Hi @Helsi

I didn’t understand at first but I was curious so I googled… It’s nothing to do with Formula 1 but instead is a scheme run by Brian Page that alleges to show you how to make money by basically being a property manager for other owners.

What’s your own opinion @ByBanksy ? I’m guessing you’ve already done some research. Are you already a host? Do you have any experience with Airbnb?