Air BnB delisted due to property type

Seems to be one has to go through the relist process for that, so unfortunately not (yet?)

Hello Miranda, I am now sorted I hope! It seems with all the changes which are currently happening, the lovely people at the other end of the airbnb helpline are also uninformed! My support & I have both learnt a lot today! I am sure you’ll get there too!


They, like us, are mushrooms. They keep us in the dark and feed us bull**it.

Of all the major Internet sites I deal with, AirBnB seems to have the most inept, thickheaded, and just plain arrogant systems managers. From what I can tell they NEVER test things on a test copy of their site, they just make code changes in their “production” system. As an old mainframe hand, I can tell you that the rules in the past were to always make changes in the test copy of the program (IBM was smart enough to set up a “test region” for development and testing), create a test plan BEFORE making changes in code, make a single change, TEST IT REPEATEDLY, and after tests were finished (by someone NOT on the programming team) finally moving it into the production system.

It’s obvious to me that AirBnB doesn’t do this, but instead they make code changes without regard to side effects. If I was running the company, the programming staff would either be trained in proper development methods including testing, or would be looking for jobs.


I am going to go in and check in a moment, but I have two separate listings in my B&B, one of which is a suite of two bedrooms and J&J bathroom. This is my third year, although I had a brief problem eighteen months ago, with suddenly being listed as an entire house, not private room(s), with a guest showing me this on her phone as she cancelled on arrival. Air paid for the whole cancelled booking.

Off to check.

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All is well with my two listings; no change, so I am sort of a precedent you might quote. What total nonsense; a friend in Portugal has all nine of her rooms in an old manor house listed separately.

Delighted for you Samgf.
Wee query what did they do?
4 hours on and Carl @ Air BnB has still not fixed even after 20 minutes on the phone (at my expense) and a screen shot of the problem :frowning:
And Sheirlyn promised to fix and closed the case earlier :frowning:
So glad I have a day job as well as Air BnB;)

Can you just shut down that listing and start another one? Yes, you’d lose your reviews but if you didn’t have many it’s might be better to just start over.

Hi Joan, thanks so much for looking into this! I am glad to report that I am back up & running with two rooms. There seemed to be some confusion at the support end. Fingers crossed it is smooth running from now on!

Best wishes



Thank you for posting. I am going to periodically verify that my type of listing is correct and doesn’t suddenly & magically change.

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My listing is correct,I have great reviews that I don’t wish to loose but after 7 reports to support not one has been able to sort. Last one said she was forwarding to a team that can better assist. I am so glad I’m doing this as a trial, if it was a real job I’d be devastated. Infuriating…how have folk been able to fix?

Finally AirBnB ‘fixed’ the problem! A very helpful AirBnb employee kept a watch on my delisting.
He messaged with advice and then phoned a couple of times. Finally when we we’d tried everything possible, reverting back to the original property type etc, the system accepted my changes! However, it did take a week to resolve. Fine for me as I’m trialling Airbnb whilst working full time, I’d have been really worried if it was my only source of income. Lesson learnt :grinning: