Air BnB delisted due to property type

Can anyone help?
I’ve received an email to update my property type by 14th June or Air BnB would delist. I’ve updated house/cottage/private room.
Function to re-list doesn’t accept.
I’ve reported to Air BnB to no avail.
Has anyone else had this issue and how did you resolve?

Show us your listing - it may be something simple

Are you using your cellphone? If so, try using a PC. If using a PC, try another browser.

What did Airbnb say? Did they say they’d get back to you or give you any reason at all?

Hi Jaquo
Thanks for responding.
They did contact and went through the process to relist. Said it might take 24 hours but the situation is still the same today. I try to update the listing and I receive the error message :frowning:

Thanks Ritz3,
I’ve tried all those, even deleted the App and reloaded…still the same issue :frowning:

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Hi Debthe cat,
Hmm not sure how to do that
The title is ‘Private ensuite BR on NC500, bike & pet friendly’. It’s in Strathpeffer, Scotland

I tried to find it but it’s delisted…so I don’t think you can show us even if you knew how. But the format is with your listing number replacing the x’s.

There are cached results on google from Italy and Spain but they don’t work when I click on them. Again, because you are delisted.

Airbnb can have glitches and that sounds like what is going on here. You will probably just have to be patient and wait on them.

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Hi Miranda,

How long has it been now? I tried to find your listing and although Google found it okay, the link went to the homepage so it’s still de-listed. Are you sure that you updated it to the right thing? Have you contacted them again?

What do you think might be their motivation for delisting? Unfair of them not to help out, if they now what you’re doing wrong

Hello Barns, no idea hence my posting here. Glitch in the system? Bugs? I was hoping someone had the same issue , managed to solve the problem and share with me :slight_smile:

Thank you very much KKC, Hopefully a glitch and they’ll resolve soon :wink:

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Hi Miranda
I have also been de listed today & after a couple of conversations with Airbnb I have been told that I am not allowed to list two rooms under ‘B&B’.
If I want to do B&B I am only allowed one listing, if I want two bedrooms in the listing I have to update my property type to ‘entire house’! Up until now I have mostly had families booking the two rooms ( one is double, the other a twin) so it works perfectly. No family is going to do two separate bookings! I have similarly tried everything to get re listed but they are not playing ball. I have no idea what is going on! I don’t think it is your fault that your property is not updating. I had to speak to a couple of people & the second came back to me with an answer from a ‘product specialist’. Good luck!

Thanks again Jaquo
Yes it’s a simple one as just a private room in a house. Guess I could contact again if I don’t hear anything by tonight.

Hi Sam,
I originally had B&B in the title but changed it a few weeks ago on receiving an email from them. I only have one room listed but another by mistake- which has subsequently been deleted.
It’s so annoying…sorry to hear you’ve also had problems.

I will try tweaking my wording a bit more, but not sure it will help. I just can’t get my head around why they have changed things! I hope you manage to get sorted Miranda!

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Ok looking at my unlisted listing I am now ‘snoozed’ ( that’s new) but still can’t relist even although I’ve amended the property type. I guess more patience is required :wink:

Can you unsnooze it?

@Lynick4442 reports that her listing got changed to shared space. I wonder if it’s just a general glitch around Airbnb updating listing types. Earlier this week the site was down and every time the site has trouble there will be reports of various issues.

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Could well be, I’ll hope for an update from Air BnB and now wait until tomorrow before reporting back. Thanks very much