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Again - how do I link my AirBnB calendar to see on my iPhone?


Hi, I’ve looked at previous posts but they don’t seem to help; maybe IOS changes have made them obsolete…
I have exported my calendar link and tried adding it in just like that to my iCl;oud calendars, but although I can add it I don’t seem to get any information. What’s the secret? Frustrated!!!



If there isn’t information on how to do this on the Airbnb Help Centre (thought they had something in syncing calendars, not sure if you can do icalendars), then why not give them a call @PGhys?



What a simple solution! Good idea; assuming I can find a phone number I’ll call them.

Thanks, Peter



Not that difficult @PGhys :slight_smile:

You can find their phone nunbers at the top of this forum. On the Airbnb Help Centre and the Airbnb Community Centre at the top of its Help Forum.



Wonderful! Will ring them on Monday. Thanks again!



Why wait? Airbnb numbers should be 24/7/365 service. Just call.



I had no trouble, on multiple AirBnB pages it asks you to download the AirBnB ap. I think especially the “Dashboard” page. You install that ap on your phone and when you double-click it ALL the info on your account is there. At the bottom of the page there is a link that says calendar.
I am terribly computer un-literate, but I was able to do this. It became a necessity to do this because a message saying I had a request for a reservation would come in, but when I tried to answer it I got a message saying I needed to download the ap.
An easy way to get a message to download the ap would be to try to answer a message to a guest on your phone without the ap and the link to downloading the ap should appear.



I don’t think this answers OPs question.


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