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After-the-fact discovery: awful guest. Too late to change review



Signed up for this forum because AirBnB, when I inquired, gave me the party line: too late, nothing can be done. I feel awful because I gave a good review to a horrible guest and now she has been unleashed upon the AirBnB community.

She had no reviews and I had a not-great feeling about her, but she begged and I relented. I came home to towels on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink. Blinds were drawn, so clearly she had been sleeping during the day, which in New York means partying all night. But hey. I was 25 once. It took me all of ten minutes to clean up. And so I gave her an OK review. Her only review, as it turned out.

Five days later I felt a breeze, opened the curtain, and saw that the window grate that prevents people from coming in via the fire escape was unlocked and wide open. She had climbed out on the fire escape and not bothered to close the grate. I could have been burglarized and my place cleaned out.

Today, when cleaning out the back of my bathroom shelves, I found a Coke bottle stuffed with hypodermic needles. That’s what prompted me to come on the forum.

My review stands unchanged, but I would never rent to her again and I don’t think anyone else should either.

What can I do?



You could write to Air and ask to revise the review. Leaving the window open was lame. The dirty dishes would bother me. The needles would seriously bother me and my first thought was they belonged to a diabetic (aren’t these patients advised what to do what with their medical waste?)… Write to Air and say you were hasty. You want to revise the review. Make sure your house rules CLEARLY address all the things this guest did such as leaving the home unsecured and trash and medical waste behind.

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