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After i reply to an inquiry, the air app still shows open

I got an absurd inquiry, and flagged ed, then proceeded to give a detailed response. Now in my computer browser, there is a yellow dot next to it in my inbox, and in the air app, a red number shows.

I thought my immediate detailed response to their inquiry would be enough. Am I mistaken? Does every inquiry require accept/decline? Why is the air app showing me a red number, which to my mind means there’s something outstanding for me to do?

I certainly don’t want to let time lapse any further, but I have the feeling that if I simply decline this I will be hurting myself?

Were the options Pre-Approve/Decline or Accept/Decline?

If it was Pre-Approve/Decline, your sending a message in response is sufficient.

The inquiry will remain listed as an outstanding item in the app even after you send them a message until you swipe across it and select Dismiss.

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