After how many guests do you charge?

I am wondering afternoon how may guests do you guys charge and how much and if my prices are good or bad??

I rent multiple entire homes
Base price $75
Weekend nights $120
Price per guests after 2 $10/guest/ night

I live in in Las Vegas btw
How about you guys ??

You need to compare yourself with comparable properties in Las Vegas

What we charge in other parts of the world for properties which are not likely to be comparable to yours is irrelevant :slight_smile:

Doing this and how many bookings you get will show you whether your prices are competitive and there is a demand for your listings…

I charge $7 for the second person. An additional person uses more water and other amenities. It increases the chance that the window AC will be cranked up or even turned on. Person #2 in a double bed increases chances of stains on the linens. It’s more laundry, and instant coffee and bottled water. My room only accomodates 2.

For my listing which comfortably accommodates 4, I charge for each extra guest after 2. Mostly when I get bookings for 2 they still use both bedrooms (friends travelling together, mother and daughter etc). It’s a bit annoying doing the same amount of work making beds as if I had 4 guests, but groups of two are so much easier to deal with in other ways, and they all comment on what good value it is and leave me lovely reviews!

I don’t live near my units. I use excellent housekeepers who I pay very well to help me. Because I’m not close by I found that when I started charging after a certain number, guest count would reveal only the number included free and then they’d sneak in surprise guests. This irritated me incredibly, mostly because they were usually children who would leave the place a mess.
Now I stopped having a price per guest. I make all potential guests, noted in my house rules, reveal to me in their inquiry letter who is coming (every head age 0-99). I then explain that all legal guardians will sign a waiver of my liability for each child.
I decline any guest who doesn’t explain all guests in the inquiry message. Id found those who didnt follow this rule, who I allowed in anyway, were much messier and disrespectful of my home. And I’ve found that the parents who sign the waiver are responsible and clean.
I figure missing out on a few extra dollars a night for the few honest guests is worth knowing who is in my home. Plus my damage costs are much less.
If you are going to be there to greet guests upon arrival, make sure you have the tough no nonsense attitude to refuse surprise guests. Because you will get a few I guarantee it.