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After declining can a guest harass me still?

Ok this is the situation, I had a inquiry for Thanksgiving weekend and this is how it was worded.

“Hi can we negotiate a price since your location is far from the airport and the port of Miami”

Granted that this guest is from a certain country in South America of which the last 4 guests from this country have left a little dig about my location so I was not going to take any changes.

This is how I declined them:

“I am sorry but this is not a good fit for either you or myself since it is thanksgiving weekend and I did not raise my prices for the holiday . Besides the traffic in Miami is so bad right now that I don’t think you would be happy in my location so I am sorry but will have to decline.”

Well she came back pissed off saying sorry that my question offended you and can you reconsider since I would be staying 5 days.

I have hit the decline button with the reason being not a good fit. Well I since raised the prices accordingly and lo and behold another inquiry for those exact same dates from the same city (not a big city) in the same country but this time it is a man asking. I am a bit weary about this inquiry since it might be the boyfriend’s account and if guests already mentioned the distance I know I will be dinged in a review.

Of course it could be non related so fellow hosts what would you do?

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Trust your gut. Say no.


Yep, I’m with Brook - for your own piece of mind, just decline.

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Definitely decline. Confrontational type. I had a similar case and finally said bluntly:

“You know, you do not have an inalienable constitutional right to stay in MY place.”

Probably went over their head, and they couldn’t find a dictionary to understand what I was talking about either; never heard from them again.


Agree with everyone here. And, let me just add that the great thing about this business is that you do not EVER owe anyone an explanation as to why you are declining. In fact, in all cases, the less said the better. It’s perfectly fine to say ‘Sorry, we are unable to accommodate your request. Best of luck with your travels.’ Even if that. If they press for explanations or hurl insults at you, just ignore. Do not respond.

People who are looking for confrontation will quickly move on when they’re not getting any responses.

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