After connecting Wheelhouse, reservations dropped off

I’m a new host of 2 weeks. Five days ago I connected Wheelhouse to my listing. I was averaging about 1 booking per day over the next 3 months. There have not been any bookings since I connected Wheelhouse. The ‘views’ line chart shows a significant drop in views. What would you do? Go back to customizing my own pricing on Airbnb? I don’t want to waste the new host/listing boost if that is what it was. I’m still in the free trial with Wheelhouse, so I can always go back.

Anyone have this experience? Any advice?

Could it be you’ve been undercutting your prices. Wheelhouse tries to optimises prices and overall revenue, sometimes it may mean fewer bookings. Not sure if the new host boost has dropped off. But I’m not an experienced host.

Can I ask why you’re using the service? What does it do that you can’t do yourself?

You should still be getting the new host boost - my estimate is that it lasts for about a month. This should give you a couple of months of good bookings so it’s a shame to be missing it.