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Aeroplanes flying overhead


My apartment in Lisbon is directly under a flight line. Lisbon is an airport city and you always see and hear them flying over parts of the city. They come pretty low over my roof and it can be pretty loud. I feel I should at least mention it, but don’t want to put anyone off.
What would you do?


I’d mention it. Under promise and over deliver. It might not even bother some people.


You can mention specifically what times the flights cease operating at night (if they do) and when the first morning activity starts


I would definitely mention it, particularly if you have outdoor space.

It is better to put people off who would have an issue with it, rather than deal with bad reviews and complaints.

I was in Lisbon last year - such an amazing city. I must have been lucky I didn’t hear any airport noise at all where I stayed.


ALSO - put a sound machine on the nightstand and disposable earplugs


I’m glad you asked this. I accustomed to the AirCare Helicopter flying over on it’s way to the Level 1 trauma center hospital, I didn’t think to mention it in my unit description. I will now.


That’s my boyfriend moto, love it!


I’ve often thought about similar things ie to what extent should a host spend time pointing out all the negative aspects of a property or area? One has limited space to promote your property and all that is good about it. Fair enough be honest about distances to popular attractions etc. If, as you say, there is a lot of aircraft noise in your city then let them work that out themselves. Are people in Paris expected to say “queues at the Eiffel Tower can be really long”? If guests mention it in reviews then respond to the effect that “yes we are close to the airport so aircraft noise can be an issue, as it is in most parts of Lisbon”.


We are in a super-quiet area and many guests choose us for that very reason. But I once had an inquiry from someone asking me if I could guarantee quiet. No, I can’t. Even in our quiet place it’s noisy today - lawn service machines in one ear and a wall demo in the apartment above the rental. Sometimes there’s chaos going on somewhere locally which doesn’t disturb us at all - apart from the cop and TV helicopters hovering noisily overhead.

But people want to know what they’re getting into when they agree to rent a place so I would mention the flightpath casually in the listing description. There’s always someone who will complain and it’s better to be able to say ‘you read about it in the listing, right?’


There is a section in your listing where you can describe potential noise. You can contextualize with a description of just what you’ve told us, “As Lisbon is an airport city, you can expect to hear air traffic from [hours.]” I agree with the earplugs and white noise machine! My listing is in a basement, and several guests have said they appreciated I provided earplugs.

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