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Advice please: 1 listing or 2?



So, I have a 2 bedroom + small office, with kitchen and bath self contained apartment here below my house.

I am thinking to offer a special rate to allow up to TWO people using ONE bedroom only as well as limited cooking (honor system, of course).

Would I be wiser to set up a separate listing, which I assume means two calendars I have to manage, OR put a thing in the listing giving this option and advising people to contact me for a “Special Offer”?

Something like "PLEASE NOTE: If you are only 1 or 2 people, will use only One bedroom and limit to very light cooking, (Coffee, cereal, eggs and toast type stuff) youi may contact for a “Special, lower price, Offer”

Also, in a “Special Offer”, do I needs must include ion that all cleaning fees, etc, or will Air fix that for me upon acceptance?

I would welcome thoughts on this and/or advice or ideas. Thanks!


Never trust guests with anything on the “honor system”. They will abuse that system left, right and sideways.

If the place has a kitchen I don’t see how you can limit use in any way without getting dinged for not having amenities like pots, pans, and other cooking gear. Your definition of “light cooking” isn’t really cooking at all. Almost every AirbBnb has a coffee pot and toaster, and perhaps an electric kettle for oatmeal packets and cups of tea. Cooking is making cooked lunches rather than sandwiches, and preparing real 2-4 course cooked suppers, not eating take-away from a box.

You don’t tell us what size of beds the BRs have – Double? Queen? That is going to determine how many can use each room. Most guests expect a Queen size bed for two people these days.

Either both rooms will sleep 'up to" 2, or not. You’re renting a one-price space to sleep in, not charging “per person” in the entire downstairs. The only Special Offer would be if a guest has 3 or 4 in their party, they could possibly get a special price for renting both rooms together (if available at the time they Inquire: “Ask about availability of our Special Offer for a party of 3 or 4”

I would do two listings, one for each room, with a max occupancy of 2 guests per room. It’s not a big deal to maintain two calendars. Only when you change prices for Season or special events in your area do you really have to do much with the calendar itself.

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