Advice on renting a yacht for overnight guests movement

I have a large yacht I want to rent out for overnight accommodations. I’m wondering if anyone has any advice about getting insurance on the boat for this? Are there companies that will write a policy if the boat won’t be moving from the dock? Also, has anyone run into coast guard issues in the US on this? I’m wondering if it is considered a “charter” if it doesn’t leave the dock?
Any help would be appreciated.

I can’t answer your question exactly but a lot of people do it on our area (South Florida) so it must be possible.

It is NOT a charter if you do not leave the dock. You do not have to have your 6-Pack or any other license. The biggest hassle may be getting permission from your Marina operator/Dockmaster, especially if you do not plan to be aboard with the guests.

I don’t personally know of a boat insurance company that covers “dock rentals” Mine doesn’t, and I’m a liveaboard. Check around with folks at your marina.

How large is “large”? At my marina we have two people doing dock-rentals – a 34 ft houseboat and a 36 ft SeaRay.

Ken, I didn’t know th[quote=“KenH, post:3, topic:10810”]
Mine doesn’t, and I’m a liveaboard

Ken, I didn’t know that you’re a liveaboard. I’ve always found that liveaboards are lovely people :slight_smile:


Yep. I’ve lived aboard since I retired in June of 2010. It’s a great lifestyle, and the only way I can afford to live in America on what little Social Insecurity I collect.

I own my 26 ft Columbia sailboat (Caribbean-capable and ready), which I paid $500 for outright (it’s a buyer’s market still). I pay $10 per foot per month rent for the hole in the water where the boat sits. Free fresh water, free WiFi, metered electricity if I need it (I use my solar panels instead) and I’m two blocks from downtown.

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I hear you Ken! So far my retirement plans are 1. South of France 2. Cuba 3. Bali in that order as I know I can’t afford to live in Australia but my pension will get me a princess lifestyle in those places. Will add boat to the list!

When I was getting ready to retire I spent months researching “offshore” places to live. I’d been out in the Pacific, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Borneo. I’d also traveled many of the Caribbean islands. I knew I was going to have little money and wanted some place where my dollar would go farther.

The problem with the south of France is it is so very expensive. The Catalan coast of Spain is cheaper, and the Croatian coast of the Adriatic is better yet.

Better hurry on Cuba – now that Americans can go there, it will be Californicated like Costa Rica is.

Bali – is Bali. I would go to other parts of Indonesia that are less touristy, like Java. Malaysia too.

For all of those places a liveaboard boat is a Good Thing But you don’t want a luxury “yacht” – you’ll look like a rich American or Aussie and get taken advantage of…

Yes, I am going there next Christmas to scope it out, hoping I haven’t missed that boat too!

My sister lives in Coussac Bonneval in South of France, super cheap there & maybe scope for a yoga retreat. Here’s hoping my Francais lessons will reap their rewards but ill need to learn espanole if I go to Cuba & open my coffee shop venture :slight_smile:

Im planning in buying a campervan and traveling around Europe, maybe do some house sitting.


Somewhere in my net surfing, I’ve run into a site specifically for dock boat rentals. See if you can search for that somwhere.

This might interest you! :slight_smile:

Thanks Jaquo, I’ve bookmarked the site.

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Ken… You mean your ABB rental is part of your yacht? Or a separate property? You sound enterprising!

There’s a company called bedsonboard in the U.K. I’m listed with them but I’ve only had one booking. Sorry, can’t do a link on my phone.

I list my 40 foot sailing yacht on Airbnb and other sites for accommodation only. We have comprehensive insurance that covers chartering, excursions etc and our insurance company have confirmed we are covered for accommodation only in the marina. We are in Europe though, not the US.

I’ll be looking for a house sitter myself next December/January when I go to Cuba @Louise so you can stay at my ABB for free if you can handle this beast


@konacoconutz I have the BEST situation! I own my 26 ft retirement boat which stays downtown at the marina. Then I have this wonderful Lady with whom I am everything except legally married. She owns the house with the “Poolside Cabana…”, and I’m the “…with Gourmet Flair”. I spend about half my time at the marina and half my time at her house, and she can always “send me to the boat” if we get on each other’s nerves . The best of both worlds, really.


Adorable! Where are you situated?

Melbourne Australia, the coffee drinking capital of the world, apparently. There would be at least 100 Cafes within 10 minutes walk of my house and I complain about the quality of the Cafe Lait everywhere I travel so I am guessing that must be right:-)