Advice on Pre-Approving a Booking

I got a message with a question about my space from a potential renter. The email from AirBNB gave me the option to “pre-approve”. I’m new to hosting, so I don’t know if this would be a good thing to do or not. The guest/price looks fine, but what would be the advantage or disadvantage pre-approving before the guest actually committed to the booking?? Also, does anyone know how long it takes Airbnb to actually get messages or email replies back & forth? Thanks!!

Makes no difference to you just nice to let the guest know they can book, sometimes I pre approve. Airbnb explanation here:

Unless you are not yet comfortable with the guest based on the information they provided you have you should pre-approve. This allows them to book.

I do not have Instant Book.

When a guest inquires I ask them about themselves and then if n’ when I feel comfortable I will Pre-Approve them, which allows them to accept the booking at the rate I offered.

If everything looks fine to you, I suggest you go ahead and send them a pre-approval to book.

Thanks everybody! I’m learning as I go, so if there’s any advise you can give for anything, I’ll take it!! I’ve only had one stay & I have one future booking, plus this pre-approval pending, so I’m definitely a newbie here…

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It’s so nice to thank us! Keep up the questions. @Ejsb79

The guest has two options:

  1. Send you a request to book
  2. Send you an enquiry.

If they send an enquiry you have two options to reply:

  1. Pre-approve
  2. Decline
    You have to take action and do one of the two things with in 24 hrs.

If they send a request to book, again you have two options

  1. Approve
  2. Decline
    Again you have to take action within 24 hrs of receiving the request.

In my experience if they send an enquiry it’s because they are messaging several Airbnbs. They will decide which one they prefer after they have mulled it over. Honestly, my enquiries rarely lead to bookings :frowning:


Ok Maggieroni, here’s another one for you. I am a co-owner in 2 different units in the same resort complex, the condos are in the same building but different layouts in the living/dining areas.both are equally as good, just different (all furniture is identical) should I have 2 different listings? Would that help me ? I only own 26 weeks combined.

Yes! Have separate listings. Why only 26 weeks is this a kind of time share?

it’s really unique-we own each unit with 3 other owners & the weeks rotate in 2 week segments throughout the year. We all know each other, so it’s nice to be able to trade weeks on occasion. There is an option to join RCI, but I haven’t & most owners don’t take that option. It’s a small resort.

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