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I have had a very happy time with Airbnb, but feel there is no longer a place for the offer that I have. I wonder any other hosts have any recommendations for other sites that might be more suited to me.

I have been with Airbnb now for a couple of years and achieved Superhost status quite quickly. I have always had great feedback from my guests. As I am alone in the flat, I have not opted for the instant booking, preferring to engage with potential guests, having a bit of a conversation, and then either politely turning them down (a little white lie - I have to be away etc), or accepting. I have accepted about 70% on average, and it has always gone very well.

However, I understand that Airbnb does not like this approach, so I have fallen down the algorithm and am basically now on the last few pages of about 14 for my area, so I am not longer getting enquiries. Just now I lost my super host status, so assume I will probably now be on the last page.

I see that some airbnb hosts are listed on several sites and just wonder if you can share your experiences with other hosting sites. I really enjoy hosting, but maybe this more personal approach is not suited to the hosting market as it becomes more “commoditised”.

Many thanks

*I must emphasise that this is totally based on our conversations, my review of their reviews - and that I have accepted people of all races, ages and sexes etc . Actually I have also welcomed a lot of first time Airbnbers, once I have had a bit of a discussion about expectations.

The sites available will depend on whether this is a shared space or an entire home. Is it a shared space?

It is a shared space in my own home, ie own bedroom & bathroom, but I am in the other bedroom, and they can use the sitting room and kitchen.

That means you cannot advertise on VRBO/HA. They only allow non-shared and full homes. Sometimes, people sneak a listing in for awhile on a shared space, but it usually gets delisted after awhile.

Hi @noblehua

it also depends which country you are in, which area you are in, whether your property has any particular special features ie a seaside villa, a boat, off the beaten track etc.

Have you seen if you are can advertise through your local tourist board?

Have you done a google search for similar places in your area to see where they are advertising.

A quick search on Google brought up this

Have you tried contacting major employers in your area to see if they have accommodation boards or services?

There is a site called Innclusive that was trying to be like Airbnb but without discrimination against minorites, LGBTQ, etc. I signed up a couple of years ago and then forgot it. I finally got a booking but was already booked on Airbnb. I was absolutely mortified that I had messed up. I called the couple who booked and apologized profusely. They seemed non-plussed. But with one booking in two years I wouldn’t say they provide any kind of alternative.

I agree with Helsi that depending on where you are promoting yourself locally through a tourist board or finding a traveling professional to book weeks at a time might be your best option.

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