Advice on my Listing

New Host here. Just finished my first month.
I just wanted to get opinions on my Listing. Photos, write up. Any changes need to be made.
Thanks for your advice

Looks amazing but wondering about the hat?

Hah, that was just randomly there.

What a gorgeous listing.
A few nit picks :

  • Reshoot the window photo so it is perfectly lighted, symmetrical and centered. Remove the sofa from the shot. Put some flowers on the table. Fix the blinds, chair positions so they are not askew. Lighten up shadows a bit in photoshop. Maybe include one more close up shot of a table set for two.
  • The painting of lemons over the bed does not match the covers. Swap out with the painting of grapes currently in the kitchen, or other of similar color set.
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Thank you so much for your input . Very good advice.

My only thought is the use of “common area.” That is really real estate speak, and I am not convinced that people who do not speak English as their first language will understand the term. Consider adding or substituting shared for common.

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Great point, I will do that, thanks.