Advice needed for NEW Host! Affiliate Marketing program yes/no?

I was approached recently via Instagram from a bedding/textile company to participate in an affiliate marketing program with them. Hows does this work? Should I?

Have any of you participated in affiliate programs? What do I need to know? After doing a little research they’re definitely legit and the opportunity appears to be mutually beneficial. HELP!! Please share any advice or past experiences.


I’ve gotten new mattresses and new towels from companies who posted on this forum. In exchange for my Nest mattress I have to mention it in my listing and display a card in the room. The card has information on buying the mattress and a referral code for me. I have gotten many compliments on the bed and people indicating they are interested in buying one but so far, no referral checks from Nest. There was no downside to participating. I don’t know how similar that is to your offer but if the company is legit then I don’t see an issue.


Yeah, it’s usually legit, and you’ve done your research. Do it! The bed in my Air is more comfortable than any in my house and I got it free! I think it’s how I remain a super host in a budget place.


Little things like a fridge and microwave and big things like a good bed and in my case a great shower help my place stand out. When you remodel your bathroom I’d recommend you make your shower head tall enough that tall people don’t have to stoop and put a hand held attachment with good water pressure. If you can make it walk in with a light people like that too.


Yeah, it’s little touches. As a tall person I definitely appreciate a tall shower head. Funny thing tough is the Air we stayed at this weekend had the tallest shower head I’ve ever seen. I’m 5’9" and I had to stretch to my tallest to adjust the direction, my tall husband felt like a kid again, and my 6’7" BIL would have stood straight up and probably still had some clearance. And I love hand held attachments! I can’t wait to redo our Air bathroom.


Tall is 5’9? That suprised me so I looked up the average female height. 5 foot in the USA and 5’3 in the UK. I’m 6 foot so I have a skewed idea of tall :slight_smile:

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PM me with their name! I need some new bedding (not discounted) FREE.


I’m very tall at 5’9" for my family, I’m taller than most men in it. And then I married into my husband’s family: his sister is 6ft, his dad is 6’5" and brothers are 6’4" and 6’7" (my husband is the “short” one at 6’1" and he’s still above national average)

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Thanks! Yes, any advice is greatly appreciated. How does your current affiliate marketing program work?

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I put a fridge and microwave in each of my rental rooms. It’s an attraction for the guest, but just as important it’s convenient for me. Potentially I could have three additional people here, and if all of them cooked from scratch the main fridge would be chaos. So far, I’ve only had a few that cooked much, and those that don’t are fully served by their own small refrigerator.

Yes I would love to get contacted for affiliate marketing options (like the sheets for my Airbnb in SF). How did the company find you?

Hi @Yanninsf

The OP is long gone. Just Google for Airbnb related affiliate programmes.