Advice for friend with very noisy airbnb next door in complex

Hi all,

A colleague of mine lives in a apartment complex and the apartment next door is let out full time on airbnb. They have had constant problems with noise, but the worse are the current guests. She asked them would they mind being a little quiet as her son is doing is final exams. They came back at 2.30 am this morning, roaring and shouting and laughing that they better be quiet as someone is studying. This is the 3rd day of such antics, she rang Airbnb and they told her to ring the gardai (police). I checked the apartments calendar and its booked solid until September, they charge €325 a night so its bringing in big money for the owner and airbnb.

She has made the complaint against the neighbour via airbnb, is there anything else they can do ? She looks worn out from not sleeping and its really unfair especially on the son doing exams ( In Ireland the results of these exams are really important as it will dictate if he gets into a college/university)

Thanks in advance

Is she able to speak to the neighbour directly? If the owner of the property doesn’t live on site he/she probably doesn’t know realise the extent of the disturbance. They can then implement quiet hours into the house rules or vet guests more carefully. If they don’t take any action and this continues I think your friend has every right to take this further, to the HOA if there is one or building management.

But I do think she should try to speak politely to the neighbour first (even a nicely worded letter) as once neighbour relations sour things can get nasty really quickly. I’ve been there and it’s honestly the worst feeling to be so unhappy in your own home.


Yes, I agree that the friendly approach is the best way. But it’s also likely to fail. It seems that the owner has little consideration for the people neighbouring the rental.

To begin with, is she absolutely sure that all the rentals are from Airbnb? The host might have blocked off dates if guests are coming from other sources. Also, has she contacted the management of the apartment building? Are there are ordinances regarding quiet time in the building or the local neighbourhood?

If the host does nothing and the apartment management is the same, then calling the police seems to be the way to go.

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This seems to be in Ireland so the best course of action is to make a complaint to the relevant Local Authority who should have staff who can look into the noise complaints and take action.