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Looking for a better way to say nice things about guests. Usually my review of guests mention that they have been great guests and left the place very clean and tidy. The issue I have is the middle bit, saying “they respected/obeyed the rules”. It makes it sound like they are children. Does anyone have a better phrase that says the same thing? Would love to know.

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I don’t talk about house rules in my reviews, however if I did.

It could be something like ‘XXX followed my house rules well’

I would be more inclined to say ’ I had great communications with my guests in the run up and during their stay. They looked after my home as if it was their own, including keeping my place clean and tidy"

Or something along those lines.


Thanks, I think “the rules” are really important but most of them are things decent mature adults would do anyway. Do I need to say that they “obeyed the rules”? I leave a booklet out for people to read that has lots of local info about walks, cafes etc and is called “Some tips, suggestions, and rules for a happy stay”. “Rules” seems a bit proscriptive.

I usually just say something like: x were quiet, respectful guests who were easy to share with etc etc. No need to explicitly mention houserules if you don’t wish to

Thanks. I don’t share with them. I live upstairs in a separate flat. I make it clear I am happy if they make a bit of noise of friends catching up for a weekend away. As long, of course, as they are all booked guests. Which they are.

Why do you need to mention that they obeyed the rules? Other hosts are worried about guests that don’t obey the rules - and what rules were broken.

Hmmm ; you are not expected to take my review and use it verbatim. I shared what I say in my reviews; I didn’t recommend you use it word for word.

I usually say, “XXXXX and XXXXX were great guests! They were friendly, communicated well, and left the space in great condition! We would welcome them back anytime!”


It never even occurs to me to mention that guests ‘obeyed the rules’ because I assume (probably wrongly, okay) that 99.99% of guests do not even think about the rules but behave like normal and decent human beings.

However, I sometimes say that the guests were ‘respectful of our quiet little community’ because noise in the only thing I have ever had a problem with.


I say my guest are “welcome back anytime” if whatever rules they broke aren’t serious. I also have said “5 stars” or “5 stars all the way” if I gave 5 stars in every category. For example, the current guest has been fine except when she leaves she leaves lights. AC and even the radio on. It’s not an airbnb rule but in my guest guide in the room I ask that people turn these off when they are gone or upon check out. If they don’t, they get 4 stars, fwiw. The radio was loud enough last night I could hear it over the white noise in my room, especially the bass notes. I had to go in and turn it down a bit. That said, she is welcome to book again if she wants.

If a review doesn’t say anything negative I assume there is nothing seriously negative about the guest. So like others I think you only need to tell us if they didn’t follow rules, not if they did.

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Slightly off topic sorry but I can’t seem to figure out how to start a new post and it’s a tiny question :

When a guest leaves you a review, and you don’t leave one back, does their review still become visible after 14 days or do you lose it? Thanks

20 20 20 20 TWENTY!

@Debthecat - Yes? what?

Sorry - typing on a phone - yes it bovines visible and no you don’t lose it.

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I am completely baffled! :slight_smile:

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Bovines = remains! Fat finger syndrome combined with auto correct… sigh

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Yes and posts have to be 20 characters so some people type 20 20 20. I just leave a row of periods…


“Bovines = remains!”

Are you sure?


Ahh ok I was nervous they might no give me a great review so I thought I’d just not review them back but if it’s going to appear on my listing anyway then I might as well give them a review. Thanks team!

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