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Advice about Charges

I have a bed and breakfast comprised of a double and single bedroom, living area and bathroom. All self contained, apart from cooking facilities. I charge a fixed amount per night which includes a nice, home made breakfast, regardless of how many people are staying. I am thinking about whether I should charge a bit more when there are three people staying than I do for one or two. Any advice on this? What do other people do about different numbers of guests?

Yes, charge more. Extra people create more laundry and more wear and tear on your property and contents. I see so many listings that are so cheap and they make me suspect that the hosts are fooling themselves if they think they are making money!

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I charge $15.00 for any guest after the first one. I don’t charge the extra guest fee for young children. I have a maximum of two guests; but occasionally allow three. Nobody has complained about the extra guest fee. I figure that as the lodging is being split between the guests; even with the extra guest fee it’s much cheaper per person. Also, having an extra guest fee ensures that guests won’t be confused by seeing “No fee for extra guests.” in your listing and think it means they can bring more guests than they’ve reserved for without telling you.

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