Advertising Your Airbnb Listing

Hi guys! our goal is to be a super host and we are currently having 21 reviews with all 5 stars. The trend that we have for now is that we are always fully booked during weekends(thankfully) but we would like to add more exposure to our listing using ads. Do you have any links or step-by-step processes on how to personally do it? If I can, I will just do it myself. Thank you for looking into this message.

I don’t buy any ads. However, I periodically post my Airbnb link (Found when you review your listing) on my Facebook page. This usually garners me relatives or friends of local folks who are coming in for events, holidays, etc. Some hosts with larger places don’t like bookings by locals because they are concerned about parties. Mine is a homeshare so I don’t worry about that. We’ve actually made some great local friends through this process as we’ve met the guests’ family members.


I work in marketing and advertising and run large scale online and offline advertising campaigns. @iamJonathan

What do you mean by ads? radio? Newspaper? Google? Ad boards ? There are literally hundreds of paid channels you can use.

Here’s a guide

1.Start by identifying your target audience - age, sex, location, social background .

  1. Use that information to understand which advertising channels you should use

  2. Identify your budget

  3. Write your copy and design your ads to appeal to these audiences

Quite honestly if you only have one listing and are doing well I wouldn’t bother .

Just use multiple platforms to list .

It’s not about always being full it’s about charging the most appropriate rate for your market . If you’re always full during weekends put your rates up.


If you’re only booking for the weekends, you could also try a minimum stay of 4 or 5 days so that you book more days at a time. And by keeping people from only booking a weekend, you will have the longer stay available for people who want it. We technically only book for the weekends too but our weekend stays are 4-12 days long because of our minimum stay. Maybe something to consider.

You can try using Airbnb promos- throw one on a stretch of weekdays that you want to get booked. Do at least 20% discount and Airbnb will pump up your advertising and include your listing in emails.

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Use (free!) social media. Every week, write a short blog (200 words minimum) about your area and/or your listing. Add photographs then use Instagram, Twitter etc. to promote your blog.

In addition, get yourself a network of real estate agents, local colleges, local events providers, theatres, hotels etc., or any others you can think of who might come across people looking for weekday accommodation. In other words, any person or organisation who may know of people coming to your area. Let neighbours know too in case they have friends or family looking to stay.

Just a thought … change your goal to aiming to give your guests the best possible time. :slight_smile:


If that is your goal, you are setting yourself up for stress-filled hosting and kowtowing to bad guests in the hopes that it will ward off a bad review, which it won’t.

This is Airbnb’s intent in having the Superhost designation. It’s a carrot to keep hosts stressed out and trying to please unreasonable guests.

You could be a stellar host with a stellar listing and pages full of good reviews and one stinker guest with a bee in their bonnet tanks your rating by leaving a 1* review. It’s happened to many a host.

Just do your hosting best and don’t get hung up on ratings or Superhost.


I agree I become a SH within the first quarter or starting and have retained it since.

It’s never been a goal .

My goal is that guests have a great experience and so do I and I generate the income I want. simple .

I never even check my ratings just my reviews .


I definitely appreciate all of your comments on this thread.

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