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Advertising with Google adwords

Hello everyone,

I thought I would try advertising with Google keywords, since people here spoke positively about it - see for example posts towards the end of

Here are the keywords I’ve come up with


paying guest mumbai
homestay mumbai
bnb mumbai
bed and breakfast mumbai
room for rent mumbai
rooms for rent mumbai
paying guest south mumbai
bed and breakfast in mumbai
paying guest in south mumbai
homestay in mumbai
paying guest in mumbai
room for rent in mumbai
rooms for rent in mumbai
short term rental in mumbai
short term rental mumbai
airbnb mumbai
airbnb south mumbai
airbnb in mumbai
paying guest in bombay
airbnb bombay
paying guest bombay
paying guest at mumbai

I thought that I would go with a budget fo $3.00 a day, and bid for $0.50 per click. Thoughts? If you have had experiences with Adwords and want to share, please comment here.

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For some reason, I’m not able to edit my preceding post. I was going to add the ad text. I’m just getting (repeatedly) that an error occurred. Should I report this somewhere?

So here it is in a separate comment.

Title: MarineLines room for rent
Text: Clean, quiet sound-insulated with
access to balcony garden + terrace.

Mine are (our city is Örebro) and the same for the One writing Orebro

Örebro bnb
bnb Örebro
Örebro b&b
b&b Örebro
bed and breakfast Örebro
bed & breakfast Örebro
Örebro bed and breakfast

by fare we got more clicking with bed and breakfast Örebro and bed & breakfast Örebro

I am usually putting 5 dollars max a day and 0,70 cents when I get place for booking.

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I’ll definitely give Google key words a try in the fall when bookings calm down. Do let us know how it goes for you!

In the past I’ve used Facebook ads. My target market is pretty easy to define (couples, 25-45, Bay Area), so it’s cheaper for me to set these up myself than use space agent, and I pay about $0.20/click. I don’t know whether any of those people booked, but wonder whether the extra pageviews might help the listing’s search ranking.

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Hi @sylvainbg,

Wow, that’s a whole lotta combinations I didn’t think of. And I didn’t think of changing the word order. Thanks. Anyone else care to share?

To give you some information. I have a very quick website that I have done that people are not able to find easily (I need to redo it completly and improve my SEO)

So the people that send me directly mail and tel are from the google adwords. I had received quite different requests including clients that had booked for 1,5 month for 6.

Our listing is only for 4 months now and one year (we have a family that will stay for one year, already commited before we started air bnb) we are considering to make permanent listing I think

@faheem, would you care to share your results from the Google ad campaign? Considering this strategy,

Hi @hypertokyo,

My efforts in this direction never really took off. I spent some time messing with the interface, and realised I didn’t understand how the billing was happening. So I made my ad inactive. It can’t have been active for more than a couple of days, max.

I later had some woman from Google contact me (twice) offering to help with this and explain the interface, but I didn’t take her up on the offer. No particular reason, I just didn’t get around to it. Though I have doubts whether advertising via Google Adwords really makes sense for my price point. I have only one room and I currently charge USD 30 (1 person) / USD 35 (2 people) for it. And based on my competition, I don’t see myself increasing this significantly, at least in the near term.

Anyway, I think Adwords could have got quite expensive over the long term, with no guarantees of improved bookings. And you might be better off with a more targeted specialist approach. But I don’t know what would work.

Google finally ended up billing me for something like USD 5, which I am sure was a disappointment to them. :slight_smile:

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