Advertising the nightly price in the title

I’ve changed the pricing so that Air’s service fee doesn’t show up in the booking box and we just display an all-in price which I think might be quite a good selling point. But then I thought that it’s probably only a good selling point if we sell it in the first 32 characters of the listing’s title so that’s what I’ve done - anyone else tried this?

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Why is it a good selling point. Presumably you’ve increased your rate to cover you paying the guest fee, so the guest pays the same overall @jujuba

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Airbnb already puts wording on your listing that guests pay no service fee if you use “host pays all service fees” option, so putting it in your title isn’t necessary. And it isn’t “no extra charges” anyway, because guests are still charged taxes, which aren’t calculated until they fill out a booking form. So you are misleading by putting that in your title.

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They won’t see it if it’s at the end of your title. The entire title doesn’t show unless it’s very brief. If you used all of the characters, they won’t see that bit until they click on your listing page.

I’ve never seen that. Where did you come across it? There are a few places in my market that don’t have the service fee but I really only notice because I’m a host and know about the service fee thing.

Nevermind. I found it. It is on the listing page, but it seems new. There isn’t any way of knowing until you’re on the listing page though. And it seems that @jujuba wants to advertise it in the search.

However @jujuba, I agree with @Helsi. I don’t see why it really matters to me as a guest.


Thanks Muddy, whereabouts on the listing does Air put that?

It’s below the pricing box, like this:

I suppose there is someone out there who cares about it based on principle alone or something but I don’t think I’d go out of my way to attract them. If you want to present as a better value or for guests to think they’re getting a special deal you’re better off doing a discount or promotion of some sort.

edit: When I look at your listing @jujuba the note about the service fee is not there. Instead, you have the Rare Find note.

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Personally, I dislike clicking on one price and then finding there’s additional costs like cleaning fees and service charge but I was just wondering whether it’s good to put it in the title of the listing or no.

I’ve never done it but I suspect that it will attract guests whose most important criteria is price - and that might not be what you want.

By the way, you have a gorgeous property in one of the most attractive areas of the UK. :slight_smile:


At one point I remember seeing it on the listings in search, maybe back when they first introduced the host pays all service fees option, but I guess Airbnb changed that.

But as I mentioned, that will still happen if Airbnb collects taxes in your area. It would be more advantageous to say “no cleaning fee” than misleadingly claiming “no extra charges”.

I haven’t seen that but maybe they’re also replacing it with Rare Find on the search page. On jujuba’s listing it says rare find instead of no service fee. I notice they do that with Superhost in the searches too. They replace Superhost with Rare Find. Makes no sense to me.

And I don’t know what “Rare Find” is supposed to mean, anyway, nor have I ever read any definitive explanation.

I recall reading someone saying it has to do with the place having few empty dates, but then someone else said they have lots of empty dates and have Rare Find on theirs. And they were upset because it replaced their Superhost badge, which indeed makes zero sense.

@jujuba I looked to see your listing in the search to find out how much of your title is showing. I think you should remove the 76£ bit.

It does the opposite of what you’re saying you want. It is less transparent and could cause some issues if a scammy guest came along. First, anyone who books more than one night is obviously going to need to pay more than “76£ all in” and as you seem to have a 2-day min, a one night price seems irrelevant. And only your fellow UK folks are ever going to pay 76£ at any point at all :grin:

Not only will I not pay 76£ all in because the price I receive is $95/night but because I’m booking 2 nights (the minimum your calendar will allow me to book) I wouldn’t even be paying 76£ all in even if I were paying in £.

And if you remove that bit then your “no extra charges” note might then show in the search.

Screenshot 2023-04-23 at 1.39.19 PM


That is what happens every time in the US - you click on a price and there is sales tax.

Why do you ‘dislike’ this?

There’s always sales tax - and if you’re buying a car, dealer service fees. If you’re booking a hotel there might well be costly resort fees, there are closing costs when you buy a house, shipping costs with just about anything you buy online…

When I left the UK, VAT (value added tax) was. where applicable,included in the total sticker price for everything that was subject to the tax. So @jujuba isn’t as accustomed as we are to extra added fees.

Here in the US, it’s different. When I was first here I didn’t understand why I couldn’t buy something marked as $9.99 with a ten-dollar bill - the sales tax needed to be added.


That doesn’t happen in the UK, so I don’t understand. The nightly prices both on the map and in the list already include any fees. When I click on the map and then go to the listing page the price doesn’t change. Whatever price is on the map is merely multiplied by the number of nights I’ve chosen. There is a breakdown of what is included in the price but the price is the same.

Here’s a place near you. On the map and in the list of listings it tells me that it the price is 140£/night. When I go to the listing page, the price is broken down into components but it is still exactly 140£ even though this host has both a cleaning fee and a service fee.

And then:


Same in Mexico. There’s 16% VAT on all goods and services, but it’s included in the sticker price.

Because some people live in areas of the world where they are accustomed to seeing the total price including sales tax. I like it much better myself. When I go to Canada in the summers, I have to calculate what the total price of an item will be after the sale tax is added, and don’t have to do that in Mexico.


I think that’s true all over Europe, isn’t it? I was under the impression it’s a law that prices have to be shown in full.

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I thought so too. That’s why I don’t understand what he’s trying to accomplish.


Well, didn’t this host propose something else (I can’t recall what at the moment) not long ago, based upon a false assumption and lack of research?

That’s my point you don’t Airbnb shows the total fee to the guest when searching, then when they open the listing there’s a breakdown of how the total is made up @jujuba

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