Advertised Pricing on airbnb

Cancellation and a bad review because the room per night charge advertised at 125/night, but my guest was billed 150/night, the ad is still visible with the 125/night cost. How come the charge was increased to 150?

review the itinerary to see what charges were added, but you won’t know what airbnb charged the guest. Tell the guest to review his reservation invoice.

Sorry I wasn’t clear, the per night charge increased itself, the usual charges (41.00 airbnb), etc. were detailed out but were not included in the per night cost, which advertises for 125 at night.

Hi @Bladdersmear_Trouser,


Does this look like a similar issue?

Take a screenshot and contact Airbnb with it asap. That’s my advice.

It’s the 3% Airbnb fee?

In that case, the breakdown would show it separately. If the original poster with the unfortunate name was to provide a suitably edited screenshot of the breakdown, that would make it clearer.

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$150 x 2 nights $300
Cleaning Fees $30
Airbnb Service Fee $41

Definitely tell Airbnb about it. Though they are likely to ignore it. But I, at least, would be interested to hear what they say.