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Advance notice feature I didn't notice

It’s my last state! Although I joke that since I can’t remember some of them maybe I’ll just have to start over. I also may go in the next year. The thing that has changed for me is that some friends from here had to move home to care for an elderly parent. They live in Oakes, ND so I will probably take my opportunity before too much time passes. I also thought of making my ND memory getting arrested at Standing Rock but that shut down before I got there. I bought a ticket for a benefit concert there (near the reservation) for Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt but couldn’t go. So I’ve been stymied in my efforts to this point. I’m also keeping an eye open for any concert I might want to attend in Fargo.


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I also have South Dakota, Vermont (!) and Alaska. I’m not really that interested in making it to Alaska so I might not ever hit all 50 but I guess it would be silly to not make the effort after 49. We’ll see :slight_smile:

That’s a great travel excuse!

For a few years I’ve been planning a grand road trip to visit various spots in the US - I should combine it with Airbnb stays!

I want to see Mt. Rushmore, the redwood forests in California, visit the Grand Canyon again… It’s been a while since I drove over Hoover Dam or through the Painted Desert.


It’s easy to route via El Paso from GA and you’re always welcome here!


Those are three good ones. When I went to AK I had a friend in Juneau and one in Sitka. So I flew into Juneau (you can stay with Norwood House) then took the ferry to Sitka and then flew out of Sitka and did a layover with Seattle area friends, then home. Alaska is beautiful and I recommend it.

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I never saw this either because I always allow same day, I just changed it to one day notice with this box checked. I wonder if I would get a late evening request for a same day since now there is no cut off time? Hmm

I am going to leave it like this as I had a 1:00 cut off before that I would sometimes change to later, then forget and realize I was on the hook a whole week for possible 8pm check ins .


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