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Adjusting Price of existing reservation


Hi there, my usual occupancy is 3, with an additional charge kicking in over 2 people. I had an inquiry today for 4, which I accepted as we have a cot we can set up for the second child. In the past, I was able to change the reservation and there was a message telling you to enter the new revised total, including the cleaning fee. When looking at the screen today, it looked different. I’m not sure if I’m just supposed to adjust the nightly rate, or give a new total for everything. Has anyone used this lately?

Do I adjust just the nightly rate to the new total including the extra person fee, or do I include the cleaning fee also?


Since the Special Offer doesn’t allow you to add more than your maximum number of people, I simply calculate the amount the reservation should be and do not rely on AirBNB’s bizarre math skills.

I do this even when the extra charge is not for an additional person and could be calculated by AirBNB. I do it for every change since AirBNB has a habit of short-changing me.


So even though the nightly total that I can adjust in the box above currently says $357, which does not include the cleaning fee, I should put the new total plus the cleaning fee??


No, i t is just asking for nightly rate.


Yes, that is what it seems like. It’s just a change as it used to specifically tell you to put what the new total charges would be including the cleaning fee. I guess I’m just afraid to modify it and then end up not getting paid for the cleaning fee.


I’ve done this before a number of times and it adjusted automatically: adjust the number of guests to 4, then change the dates and see if your extra guests charges and rates are adjusted. But maybe there is a system glitch…


I can’t adjust the count to 4 because my listing only allows 3. I’m making an exception. Good idea though.


Ohhhh, yeah yeah you said that. Sorry, didn’t look closely enough. Yeah, think you’ll have adjust the overall rate and just send it to them for acceptance. But some air features seem to appear and disappear at times…or am I just poor at reading comp in general?? lol
I swear there are things I was able to do initially that I now can’t: Like adjust the info. that guests see when they have a confirmed reservation. Can’t access that now.
Well back on track…never had a problem with sending a reservation adjustment ~before~ the guests arrive. After, have had less than stellar experiences.

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