Adjusted payment of changed booking

Hello Everyone!
I just got the payout for a current booking and to my surprise it was not the full sum - with this payout came a “payment adjustment” of minus 517$ from another booking. Now I was really confused because I moved house the last year and had not done any airbnb in quite a while. Checking the details on this other booking - it turns out it was a booking from 2012 - yes that is 4 years ago! - were the guest left earlier due to family issues. I tried to find anything on this in the terms&conditions, but no luck so far. So now I am wondering if airbnb made a mistake with the payment 4 years ago - how much time do they actually legally have to correct it???

Apparently, they refunded the guest!

ok, but this booking was 4 years ago and they ask the money back from me now!?!?! That is a bit odd

`It’s all done by automatic script - so they have your account tagged as “recoup money from next payout”. The payout happened years later, and bang, the system acts on the script. I’m sure that there isn’t a time limit on how long they have to collect funds, and I’m also sure that they have a dollar value limit that triggers collection if no opportunity to recoup comes up (if you shut down and don’t have any new bookings for maybe 3 years).

I had plenty of bookings in between - so now is a bit late

That is odd. I haven’t heard of this happening, I wonder if they are cleaning up old files and came across an oddity and just tried to recoup.

I know, so weird - when i saw the date of the booking - I was like 2012?!?! what is happening??? I had 3 years of hosting after that and many bookings (with larger sums where they could have deducted the 500$ from). Has anyone ever found in the terms&cnditions anything on payment times. I mean seriously, if they stuffed up a refund 4 years ago, are they still eligible to get their money back?

Definitely call on this… it could be a mistake.

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I did ask and got a very generic reply just saying it is a payment adjustment - not very helpful…

I found this in their FAQ:
******An adjustment is an amount of money a host owes as a result of a cancellation, reservation change, or violation of our Guest Refund Policy.

To check the status of an adjustment:

Go to your Account Settings
Click Transaction History
Adjustments are automatically deducted from the next scheduled payout or payouts until the full amount is collected.

so it clearly states that money owed from a host is deducted of the next payout (or payment thereafter if sum is not enough to adjust).

You deserve an explanation of which reservation this relates to and what it was for. How much was it?

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Yes, not really much of an explanation just saying “adjusted payment for reservation XY” - it is 517$ AUD - which is not “just peanuts” for me

so here is part of the third(!!!) reply I got - and they finally figured out it was an overpay. But ther eis more to it…
response from them:
“The system made your payout after the reservation alteration to $2754 AUD when the reservation payout should have been $2237 AUD.
So the adjustment for the payout $517 AUD to make it so receive the correct amount for your payout.
The reason you are barely seeing the adjustment from 9-24-2014 is because adjustments are taken out of your following payouts and you have not received a payout until 9-29-2016.”

So they still are confused as to what timeframe we are talking about - again the reservation was in 2012!!! And I had a total of 43 payments for other reservations after that! 32 payments in 2015 (so the sentence above is just plain wrong), 4 payment sin 2014, 6 payment sin 2013 and 1 payment sin 2012 after the reservation of concern.

I wasn’t actually aware of it that they paid out too much - I had just started (this was my third booking) but the problem is that I was really relying on the current booking and payout and I am 517$ short…