Address issues when becoming a host

We are preparing to become Hosts, when we enter our address number of 17A. The system recognises the address. When we press continue to next page the address number defaults to 17 . The problem is the property at 17 is already an Air bnb host. Is there some way of saving the correct address, we have been living there for 3 years and the address is recognised by google maps. We need to try and correct as it will only cause confusion with clients going to incorrect address.

Please call Airbnb with this technical question. We are a forum unaffiliated with Airbnb.

Also remember that once you do, you might want to put a sign in the front next to 17 with an arrow to your 17A so guests will know were to go and where NOT.

What strange advice @Oded.

Why on earth do you think the host, who is hosting at no 17 would be happy with a sign next to their property directing Airbnb guests to 17A. That wouldn’t be confusing at all for their guests would it???

Sign would say “Looking for 17A? Go here” (with directions) OR “17A is located…”.

I wonder if typing 17-A would fix it. I do think you need to call them though.

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