Additional House Rules for Security of Host?

I have been reading in several threads lately about how if something isn’t listed in your house rules, Airbnb won’t back you up on a cancellation or other issue that comes up with a guest. As a result, I have added “no additional overnight guests not on the reservation” to my house rules even though that isn’t a huge issue for me, other than for liability purposes.

Wondering what other cover-your-ass rules other hosts have listed?

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I just recently added ‘no cooking’ after stumbling across an old thread talking about a guest that bought a portable grill to use in his room :hear_no_evil:

Oh yikes. That is probably a good one for rooms lol. I have a full house with a kitchen so no cooking as a rule wouldn’t work for me. :wink:

I just had guest that left door to their unit not only unlocked but wide open and went for dinner engagement. Will have to ad to my house rules: lock your door when leaving, or something like. My list of house rules is slowly growing…huh


Since we also long-term rent rooms to college students, we put door closers on all external doors with e-locks set to auto lock. Got the door closers at the local hardware store for about $20 USD.

I don’t think you can trust people to have the same care and concern for your property that you do.