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Additional guest fees

In my case I do also require their first and last name in addition to being paid for because otherwise they try to pay for one extra person yet meanwhile that person is a John and changes every hour or whatever…I want the names of each individual person otherwise they are not authorized in my home.

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I see. My concern is I am a single mom and have my 13 year old daughter in the home full time. More than anything what irritates me is “Hi I’m Frank…” Booking under an account by the name of Michelle… And in the end says Esther so and so will be booking on my behalf. I answered all of his questions and simply asked who is Michelle? I then asked if he could please create his own account and book under that. Never heard from him again. Probably dodged a bullet but it’s surprising how many people shy away when you simply ask them to use their own account. Or verify who the additional guest is. I would like to require a picture of each guest. Even if a spouse. But I also don’t want to lose bookings.

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You will undoubtedly lose some bookings by having more stringent requirements but they are probably not ones you want to worry about having anyways. Your criteria successfully weeded then out. Stick to it. Especially since you have your teenage daughter to consider. You are doing a good thing by your daughter, there, good mom!

I found it very useful requesting all guests must be registered. Due to local fire codes we must know how many any in a rooms full names and ID. Thank you for understanding. Works like a charm. Why did I do this I had a female registered and brought her boyfriend unregistered. They fought continually other guests called police I was not there but raced home in time to see this boyfriend in handcuffs, warrant out for his arrest. We cannot harbor fugitives. Legit guest have no problem registering. Just a thought works for ma.

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