Additional guest charge

Hi, I’m new to hosting on AirBNB and my second reservation is for 3 weeks. I have an additional guest charge of $10 per night. The guy reserved for one person but said his wife will join him for around 7 days. How do I request additional funds? My guess is when he reserved there was no way to say there would be an additional guest for a third of the duration.
How do I deal with this?

You or the guest can go in and amend the booking @Jasonlevi99.

I would suggest that the guest does this as he wants to amend. He can call Airbnb if he is having difficulty making the change. You will then need to accept the change.

Or if you want to amend it, here’s how to do it.

Do have a look at Airbnb Help - great for the basics around managing your listing.


Ah, well, all the seasoned helpful folks around here would suggest you not take a 3 week booking as your second booking. First, many experienced guests take advantage of newbie hosts. Plus, you have a 10 day “new host boost” when you start and you want to use that to rack up as many reviews as possible, so accepting a long-term guest will take up your valuable time.

Make him call Air and figure out how to amend for 2 guests for the time his wife is here.

And, is there a reason, if your listing can hold 2 people, why you just don’t raise the rate no matter then number of people? As long as the limit is 2?

Many guests resent the “bait and switch” of seeing a low price then getting hit with extra guest fees, cleaning fees, pool toy rentals, etc.

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