Adding to Guidbook

Is there a way to add a pin to the map for a new Guidebook listing?

Do you mean a location the map doesn’t have listed.

Yes, that’s correct. I want to add a place that doesn’t come up in the suggested locations.

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Unfortunately not, if it doesn’t show up that means it hasn’t been added to Googlemaps. If you go to, it won’t show up there either right? You can tell the manager of the place to add it and then it should show up.

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I did it yesterday - I suggested a local coffee place that wasn’t listed. It went through the Google machinations and I had an email this morning letting me know that it had been added to Google maps. Not necessarily easy or fast, but it’s doable.


Has anyone here tried Citymaps? I’ve been using it to create lists of all the places near my house, and it gives my guests a great map to see where all the places are located. I can also add my personal recommendations to each place, so they know the best things to do! You can see my map here:

They also have a really great app, which is free, and it works offline too, in case your guests don’t have or want to use their data plans.