Adding Coffee Subscription To Your Toronto AirBnb

My favorite thing about (most) AirBnbs that I have visited, whether in different countries or in my own city of Toronto, is walking in and seeing a basket of goodies for my stay. Some including coffee, local food goods (pepper jelly in Bermuda), sunscreen, and other random things like that, but of course fitting to the climate and location of the AirBnb.

These baskets provide a unique stay, and a feel of being cared for by the host who wants to also share the local culture. So, looping back to Toronto, there is a new coffee subscription service located in Toronto that only delivers locally roasted craft coffee from Toronto’s top roasters - They’re called Coffee Locale (coffeelocale . com). If you reach out to them mentioning you’re an Airbnb host, they will provide you special pricing according to your needs.

Who wouldn’t like to walk into their Airbnb in Toronto and see locally roasted coffee? Its the little things you do for your guests that make their stay unique, and coming back for their next visit.

Is anyone else doing subscription services for their Airbnb?

No because I find that I can’t predict usage. (And I’ve been doing this for a long, long time!)


Even monthly predictions? The coffee subscription comes with 3 x 4oz bags, so that leaves the opportunity to plan for at least 3 guest groups, maybe? Just looking for ideas that are local based and fun to walk into, as a guest. Specially coffee!

Just my experience but I find that coffee drinkers are pretty fussy! I provide ground coffee for use in the cafetiere and cup thingies for the Keurig but people still buy their own favourites. I’ve known guests bring grinders so that they can freshly grind their own favourite beans.

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It’s advisable to first look for topics about “baskets of goodies” and read everything that was already written about these. You’re only one in a long, long line of influencers and vendors, most are not welcomed warmly, certainly if they are not clear about what there relation is with the company they are promoting.
Success with your coffee roasting business.


Hello Matt

How long have you been a host?

In answer to your question…

  1. People who don’t like coffee

  2. People who prefer another brand

So what’s your connection with this coffee company @mrlarson11?

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I’m always surprised at how few people drink coffee or even ask me about coffee at my listing (in the US). I drink a LOT of coffee and make sure my guests know they will have coffee and coffee makers and cream, sugar, etc… but very few of my guests ever use it. I wonder if they would drink it but don’t like what I offer?

Can you please stop spamming the forum to promote your coffee @sixthwave

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Because our rentals are separate apartments, I find that so many guests buy their favourite coffee when they stock up at the supermarket. I often find half-used packs of ground coffee when guests leave. I leave milk in the fridge for guests but often they buy specially-flavoured creamers. So I think that coffee is a bit of a minefield - it seems to be difficult to get it right!

I have a keurig and notice hat some weeks seems that hardly any capsules are used other times I need a major refill, simply no way to predict usage.

I get mine from Costco or Amazon so pretty easy to re stock.

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You are spamming so stop it.

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