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Adding BUNK BEDS to your listing. Are they a better use of space?

I was thinking about adding bunk beds to my current private room listing that has 2 twin sized beds, I thought that the bunk beds I could add bigger beds because my room is small … do any of you have bunk beds and if so are they a better use of space for you?

What is your target audience?

speaking as a guest that is frequently looking at listings for 5, I can say, my kids love bunk beds and they would be a ‘plus’ for me.

Do you change the beds? (now I’m speaking as a host) I would think it would be pain to change the sheets on the top bunk.

Yes I do clean the rooms but I don’t mind cleaNing.
Reason I want to add this is because I mostly get adults but I currently have 2 twin sized beds in there but I want to add a twin over full bunk bunk. So that I can still have 2 beds but have a bigger bed option for the adults that stay with me

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It depends on your target market…for hostel guests are ok…but if you want to attract some people who have money…no.

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We have bunkbeds with a pull out trundle under the lower bunk in one of our bedrooms in a flat with 4 bedrooms. It has been a HUGE selling point for people with kids and as an added bonus kinda keeps the partiers away.

Considered Murphy bed?

We have a Murphy Bed in our living room!

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Hello Azreala can you post a picture with the bed down

This is an old photo, but you get the idea.

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Love your space maximization!

That is brilliant. I want one in our rental!

that is crazy, crazy cool. Where did you get it?

Let’s start with I’m a bit insane… I knew we needed another ‘bed’ in our Wine Country house. We usually come up with couples, but never fail we have the one single friend who wants to come. I hate how air beds clutter the room and throw of the decor in a room, so I was determined to find another solution. I decided on a horizontal, wall mounted, murphy bed, that would look like a ‘mantle’ or ‘barn door’ or ‘art piece’ in my living room under the TV.

Here is the original link I found which includes plan to make the actual bed, not the decorative finish that I use. http://www.ana-white.com/2012/04/murphy-bed The bed itself has no crazy mechanisms and is very simple to make for about $150. I luckily found one already made on Craigslist, see photo, however it was UGLY. I painted, applied wood pieces that I distressed with stain and sanding, and viola!

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That’s very nice ,

Oh my gosh, people like you are amazing - you make it sound so easy! Well, it’s brilliant; well done!!


Totally fabulous! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Hahaha. It was not very difficult, just time consuming.

Im a big fan of not difficult but time consuming. See below picture of my new wall hanging that took an obscene amount of time

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So very cool :slight_smile:

You have terrific ideas!

Tell that to my DH!! He will utterly disagree :joy:

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