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Adding additional fees to an enquiry?

Hey kids, so I have an enquiry and the guest wants to bring her 2 dogs. I am OK with it so long as she pays an additional deposit. My question is, can I use the “send special offer” option to add a few quid to her total price, and if so how do I know what she is actually paying so I can add the appropriate amount. This has always confused me as the price I am paid is obviously not what the guest pays with the fees etc. Do I just use the rate that my listing shows time the number of nights, plus adding my dog fee?

thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s exactly what you do. Don’t take into account the fees ABB collects from guests.

Also when you send a special offer, it doesn’t automatically add in your cleaning, so remember to do that!

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This is important. I forgot once a couple of weeks ago. Very expensive mistake.

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This is a glitch they need to fix.


Yeah since they charge for it otherwise.

Yeah, when you send a “special offer” you have to put in the total amount you want to charge (i.e. cleaning fees, nightly rate, anything else), and then Air adds their fees on top.

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