Added weekly cleaning fees for one month guest stay

If a one month stay guest agrees to added extra weekly cleaning fees, how do you add this charge after the person has booked your place?

I am guessing you probably can’t change the booking. I don’t know if it helps but when I get guests who have booked asking if someone extra can stay for 1 or 2 nights out of say a week, but not sure, I say they can pay in cash when they arrive or if the guests turn up. Sometimes it is just easier to go old skool and just ask for cash. You can always say you pay the cleaner in cash so it is easier that way.

Hi you can go to the reservation and request money from guest. Then you click “extra services”

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Thanks Gem20, I used what you mentioned and it worked. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply but I am sure I read that it’s best to transactions via the airbnb forum to keep the process safe. Thank you:)

The guest has to accept it before Airbnb will send the money. If the guest claims they can’t find it tell them to check their email because Airbnb will send a link. If, after 72 hours they haven’t accepted you can escalate it and Airbnb will help you get your money.

You can’t have an extra guest book for a smaller period than the whole booking eg if 1 extra only comes for 1 night out of 3 . Otherwise yes all bookings should be done through Air.

Bookings should, yes. Otherwise it’s an abuse of the service they offer. But in the case of extras, such as additional cleaning fees, does Airbnb take its commission? (I don’t know because although I’ve added the odd day to a stay, I’ve never charged via Airbnb for odds and sods).

If so, it seems daft to give Airbnb even more money and I suspect that Airbnb might agree with me. Yes, it’s a dreadful thing when people try to scam Airbnb out of their commission. But occasionally, when guests have had extras, I ask them to pay in cash and they gladly do. Air has already made its money from both the guest and the host. (Quite rightly as far as I’m concerned).

By paying though Airbnb, you’ve added to your reportable and taxable income. If Airbnb add fees too, then the amount you’ve earned has been reduced even further. Doesn’t seem right.

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There’s no airbnb fees on extra services


Good to know, thank you :slight_smile: