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Add-On Travel Services

Anybody see this article? Looks like Airbnb is testing out something that will be used to book add-on services such as meals prepared by personal chefs, art gallery tours, bicycle rentals…etc.

I wonder how the vendors will be chosen? Is it something the host can add into a listing as optional “a la cart” choices?

I doubt the truth of this article. These ‘people’ who can’t be named for example.

Yet Brian Chesky said "“Our basic idea is: I want you to go to a city; you feel like you live there,” (Chesky said in an interview on Bloomberg Television). “When people go to a place, they want much more than just a home. They want to be part of a neighborhood. And what we are really focused on doing is, how can we immerse you into a neighborhood?”

Yes, he probably did, but how many years ago? Isn’t that what hosts are for???

Interesting, I didn’t even think twice about doubting it, but you have a good point. (but why would they fabricate a news story?)

Shall be interesting indeed to see how it plays out.

I think that stories are fabricated (or enhanced) because Airbnb is news and attracts attention. It’s a hot topic and a good way to get hits to your site or blog.

Airbnb has been working on an “experiences” part of the hospitality business. I believe they have a pilot program in San francisco

There’s no kitchen, but they added the celebrity chef experience. Hmm.

Well, being a business writer myself, I think this article is legit. It quotes the CEO and is written reasonably well. It actually looks to me like an AirbnB press release that was expanded into a short business brief.

What I question is who will benefit from these so called add-ons? If the host doesn’t get a cut I’m not interested. I already do enough.

Also not to sound like an old codger or a get-off-my-lawn type, I like things the way they are. I have to admit I get a little nervous when a successful company starts tinkering around with little things that don’t need tinkering. It never bodes well.

At the Air BNB open they discussed ‘experiences’ being launched in 2016. We have had the pilot here in SF and it’s very cool. I was excited to hear about it at the Open. My guess is will officially launch at the 2016 air BNB open.

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I should mention it was more about Air BNB connecting travelers with extra services, tours, local chefs, etc, and not necessarily something the host has to coordinate (unless they want to)

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Which kinda brings me back to my original interest in the article…how do you think Airbnb will choose the vendors?

For example, if I own a company that gives tours of breweries around the Portland area, how would I get Airbnb to recommend my service as an “Add-On”?

The way that Airbnb communicate with professional photographer to takes the photos to the home of hosts, it seems the way that Airbnb will communicate with “vendors” services and the guests.

This is what i think.
This communication without using the hosts. So, in that way hosts don’t get any cut of this service payment.

I already offer custom living room concerts at the Happy Hippie. Guest can sponsor a living room concert (if desired) and the concert will be filmed and named after them. ie The Joe Blow concert at the Happy Hippie house in Colorado April 17, 2016. The DVD then becomes a memento and possibly a collectors item depending on whither the musicians involved go on to become famous. I blocked out the house this weekend to film a commercial about the custom concert feature. Thinking of offering sponsorship to guests for art workshops or writing retreats as well. Wish Air had a way to make these offers with my listing. I’m doing it because I have musician friends I’d like to help promote.

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